Monday, January 21, 2008

Zoo Day #2

It was a day off from school for the boys so we headed to the zoo. Dh tagged along just for fun. And what fun it was with a moody and independent two year old. One moment he is happy as a lark and the next....oh boy. Let's just say we got many looks from people. At one point Zane turned his back on Dh and I and screamed and screamed. What prompts these outbursts? Doing anything he does not want, looking at him at the wrong moment, not walking the way he wants, his brothers eating food and he wants it ALL(no sharing for him).....whatever. He is two and crazy! Other than "those" moments the day was nice with the family. The weather was gorgeous. And the animals were out and about. So enjoy the pictures. There are many but all blogs need animals pics now and again.

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