Thursday, January 24, 2008

Same Old

I really have nothing to say tonight. I do not feel inspired to be creative. It was a noncreative, boring, same old day. School drop off, laundry, working on Evan's bed(painting and such), cleaning house for swap playdate tomorrow, lunch, nap for Zane, laundry(again), school pickup, library for Evan's book report, dinner, bath, book, bed.

Evan just went off to bed mad at me for not finishing a book we were reading. I stopped because he was playing. After a few verbals to him I was finished reading. I said we would try again tomorrow night. Well my baby went to bed and would not speak to me. Guess what he just did a few minutes ago. He came running to me ...crying. He said he could not go to sleep without kissing me. AWWWW!!! My baby loves his mommy!

On that note I say goodnight to my loyal and devoted readers.

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