Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Many women in my moms group blog. Check them out...they are posted under "Blogs I Read". Well some crazy mom in the group came up with an idea of who could blog the most. We are competitive women so a contest was created. The rules....put in $5 and blog everyday. If you forget to blog then you are out. Whoever is still blogging at the end of the month wins the pot. I fully intednd to be this winning person!!!!!!
If there is a tie then the blogging keeps going until someone wins. Now my main idea for starting this blog was to keep family and friends posted on the happenings in the "Hydock Life". I plan to stick to this theme throught the blogging contest. You all just get much more of the "Hydock Life" then you bargained for. Keep reading because as the month wains I may need topics to post about and you may just see yourself on the blog. Everyone in the family(friends included) is fair game.

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