Saturday, January 5, 2008

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

We have new family members. They are of the aquatic nature. FISH!!! Trey got a fish tank from Santa. We have eight neon fish, and three dalmatian fish. Everyone in the family is enjoying them, especially daddy. I think he secretly wanted fish and that is why he agreed so quickly. A good thing about the fish is that I have no responsibility to them except feed them when the boys go to bed. I can remember to do that.....yea right!! That is why John keeps getting onto me when he gets home from work...oops!

Fish Update.....You were wrong Amy!!!

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I told John a few of those fish looked pregnant. But no....he(and Amy) denied that idea. Well.......lo and behold what do I see when I go to feed them tonight. Babies!!! Thirteen of them that I can see....those that are hiding up front. What about the back of the tank. Oh goodness no!!!! I am sure many of them will not survive as I am guessing they will be eaten or just die from being too many and small. But there still is another fish that looks "preggers" to me. Time will tell......check back on my fish drama.


Anonymous said...

If you can scoop them out and set them up in another tank - even a big bowl of water, they would have a better chance of surviving. You can also get a fry basket for that tank that would work also! Oh lawd! Have fun with that!!

Holly said...

Hey, if they don't die we'd like to adopt some of your babies!