Thursday, February 28, 2008

Like Father Like Son

DH and Zane were raking leaves and mulling about the yard the other day. I couldn't resist capturing the moment. Can we all say ........AWWW...he wants to be like his daddy!

Monday, February 25, 2008


Oh the joy of children and all their yucky illnesses. No matter how hard we(parents...mommies in particular) try to keep our kiddies clean and healthy by washing hands, eating the right foods and etc. they still come up with strange and gross illnesses. What am I talking about? Zane has strep impetigo. How did this dirty thing come about? Well apparantly my kiddie has a fascination with his nose. Too much poking at it and a tiny bacteria found its way in. Lo and behold impetigo was born(and bred). Poor kiddo. It is very itchy. Now how do I keep him from scratching and poking his nose and not spread this very contagious rash thingy anymore?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Shana Banana Bust

Today was a very anticipated day in my house. I cancelled all my usual wednesday obligations(bible study and volunteering)to head to Hyde Park for Shana Banana. But alas...she was a no-show. When Amy(you all know her by now)called the phone number on her website Shana actually answered the phone. Then I thought...okay she really is not going to show up late. Shana said her website had not been updated in a while. DUH!! I was sad for Zane. We have been listening to her music for a week straight. Even though Shana was a bust the day was not. It is Amy's 29th(forever) birthday. So the few friends that showed up(Karen and Scarlett) for the Banana show headed to a local park and another park playdate was had by all. After the park...Scarlett(and Isaac), Amy(and Noah) along with her hubby, Chris and my baby Zane ventured to lunch. Oh boy.....eating with three two year olds....if it wasn't for Amy and her bday! All in all a relaxing day. But darn that Banana lady. I missed bible study for her! Hey wait.....I just had a realization. This is my punishment from God for missing......God you are too much for me.

Zane is looking at Isaac in the tube

Noah and Isaac


Monday, February 18, 2008

Park Time

Today the boys and I had an impromtu park playdate. I was not planning to do anything today except put away ALL those kids clothes. The clean clothes seem to be taking over my bedroom. It's also called procrastination! Anyway, I said yes to the park since it was a day off from school for my kiddies. The clothes could wait. Tomorrow is another day(I'll think about it tomorrow).....or so Scarlett O'Hara said. The weather was muggy...just enough to give my hair the frizzies. We met a friend at the park for playtime. The boys had fun after a few wrinkle moods were ironed over. Boy those five year olds can be moody.

Evening Update: The clothes are still not done but I made yummy lasagne for dinner.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentine's Dance

Evan had a Valentines Dance at his school this past friday night. It was really fun for him. I am glad he was able to go. His class has had quite a bit of stress with certain kids lately. I think he needed to be with the "good" friends at school and make happy memories. Or at least I needed to see him with the "good" kids making postive school memories. Either way.....he had fun. Trey started out having fun with his friend, Chloe, from preschool but girls are fickle. She left him for other fun. Trey then just hung out with kindergarteners(he did not know) and watched them play video games. Oh least he was not bored and whiney. Zane was just happy to run around and dance.

Trey and Chloe

Evan dancing

Erin(Holly's girl)joining in a conga line. You go girl!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Heart Day

Mommy and her Valentine Boys(self photo)!

Today is love day, heart day, lovers day, red day, chocolate and flower day or best known as Valentines Day. Before kids valentines day was a so so day. Nothing to get excited about. Certainly not one of my favorite holidays but not a hated one either. Now that the kiddies are in school and valentines can be exchanged with friends....well now that changes the picture. Also, my darlings understand about valentines day and anticipate its arrival. I guess that can be said for most holidays. Which is why they are all seeming fun these days. Kids are great to have around. Life seems so much more wonderful.
Flowers, candy, cards, chocolate and more candy are abundant in this household. My wonderful grandma sent me See's Toffee. They are so yummy!. My sister and niece sent the boys cards and ColdStone cards. Oh yea for us! And my secret sis sent me wonderful items as well. DH has to work on lovers day but we celebrated with dinner out last night. What is not to like about this day. Is is a win win day for everyone.

Trey and his Valentine loot!

Evan and his Valentines!

BLOGGING CONTEST!! I am out of the choice. I did not feel a few of my posts were up to my standards of what I envisioned this blog to be about. And that is beacuse I was forcing myself to blog everyday. So I took out the stress and I am liberated(thanks to Julie). AHHH.....It feels good!

Monday, February 11, 2008

F.S.U. All The Way

Did I ever mention that my kids future is all mapped by none other than ME...the mother, the one who gave birth(naturally might I add). My kiddies will be going to college...F.S.U to be exact. There is no other choice other than a full scholarship to a top ten school. Then I might just allow them to attend. Florida State was the place where Dh and I met. My uncle was in a frat at F.S.U. My sister attend for a year(reminder to partying for my children). It is in the family genes that they be a seminole. Oh the fun we will have in college again. Here are a few pictures of the fun I had. I just can't wait!

This is my future hubby and his best friend. Best friend was visiting for a game.

Rivalry at it's best. Seminoles vs. Gators. The girl on the left as you look at the picture was up from UF. She later recruited my friend to jump ship to Gatorland. I forgave her and she is still my friend. Call, email or leave post girlfriend!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Rub-a-Dub-Dub Two Kids in a Tub

Oh my boys are getting old. They are not babies. As Dh's grandmother said today about my oldest who is seven......"boy seven years just flew by". I certainly have the same sentiment. In seven more years he will be a teenager. Well in light of the boys getting older they still act like little ones once in a while. I snapped this picture a few days ago. I think it may just be the last time they take a bath together. This is not a common occurence in my household. Showers are the preferred mode of cleaning but this day they insisted on a bath....TOGETHER. Then they complained of the lack of space. Maybe one of them will bath with the baby once in a while. I can only hope. Keep-em babies for a while longer.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Find

I have a new website I really enjoy. It is called Etsy. According to the website, "It is a place to buy and sell all things handmade". I have not bought anything on this site but I have a wish list.

Another website I found that looks really intersting is Yumsugar. Check out these bleeding heart cupcakes for Valentines Day. Oh so adorable and unique. I can even make them.

When I find more I will surely let you know. That is what I am all about....sharing!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Infamous Hubby

I can now say my hubby is famous. He made it to the pages of you tube(without my help). Customers obviously filmed their dining experinece unknowingly to DH. How did DH miss the camera? Well you gotta know him to understand. You can see him cutting up the steak and serving.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Toddler Stroll

What should have been a 10 minute around the neighborhod walk turned into a 45 minute toddler stroll. Oh the joy of adventure and exploring!

HERE WE GO!!! Noah(the blond one) is one month older than Zane. Look at the size difference!

Up down...Up down.....Up down.

Run....March.....Swing those arms!

Holes to explore....Bugs and more bugs!

The green box looks oh so neat!

It's a jungle!

Too pooped to go any further!! But we are not home yet!

HOME...where is the juice!?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ten Million Dollars....what to do?

According to Julie I have been given ten million fake bucks. She is desparate and curious to know what I would do with it. Well let me think, think, think. It is not too hard ya know.

1) My children, niece and grandchildren would be financially set for life. They will not actually get all the money. Many stipulations would be, money with age, etc.

2) Of course money to my family. Enough for them all to retire and be fat and happy.

3)House in the mountains, condo at the beach(possibly a foreign beach), home in Africa, and a home Europe somewhere. And of course it would be all decorated by a professional. Oh...a guest house attached to each one for my lovely sister to travel with me. Or friends when she is mad at me and won't travel.

4) Housekeepers, cooks and such at each home with a go-to boy for me and hubby.

5) Vacation anyone?? Cruising would be my choice. And with all my friends. Alaska, Europe, Africa.

6) Glorious gardens at each estate. And I would be a profesiioanl gardener after I take my garden class.

7) All the photography equipment I would need plus photography classes.

8) Transportation to all my homes(planes) plus cars once we got to the homes.

9) Invest, invest, invest!!!

10) Personal trainer and chef to me and hubby. I guess getting thin would be easier if someone forces you to exercise and someone else feeds me all the right foods.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Backdoor Fresh

My sister and I get this daily post in our email box everyday. I had not yet checked the post out when my sister calls me and alerts me to check it out. She was laughing hysterically as she read the post. Oh my.....bunghole and poopshooter are a few words used in the decription of this product. It is called South Beach Skin Solutions Lightening Gel.

Bunghole?? Love it!! Who wants to be the first to try it out...anyone??? Bueller, Bueller, Bueller??? Let's all clean our poopshooter and make our backdoor oh so tan and lovely. No skid marks here baby!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Busy Days

Well life at the Hydock house is very busy these days. I am trying to finish getting the boys bedrooms organized. This is an endless project. I never seem to have enough time to devote to it. I am WAY behind in laundry. Barely there with cleaning my floors. The dogs need a bath. I need a bath. Cooking has come to a standstill. Gardening has been put by the wayside. So what is keeping me So busy I can't get anything accomplished. LIFE.....with three boys and a hubby!!!!!

School stuff, grocery shopping, homework, speech therapy, drum lessons, gymnastics, household shopping, etc, etc, etc.

Today was Trey's school field trip to see the Manatees at the viewing center. No manatees but plenty of other sea life and much class fun. Then it was pick up Evan from school. Then grocery shopping. Evan's drum lesson and homework. Dinner, books, bath, bed. Whew.....and this was just today.

Tomorrow(tuesday) is Zane's speech therapy. Alex has a vet appointment.

Wednesday is bible study, volunteer at Evan's school, Trey's gymnastics.

And so on and so on.


Sunday, February 3, 2008


We spent the afternoon with my family to celebrate my stepfather and uncles January birthdays. I took a few pics of the lovely family memebers in our lives. Enjoy!

Who are these crazy people?!

Isn't my grandma beautiful!

Do I look like either of these women?

A rare moment......Haley studying!

Chip......he is so beautiful!

Cookie(Chip's mother)

An interesting sidenote: I do not have the men of the family in the posts. Except the one where Cookie is hiding my stepfather, Dave. Another time and day I will devote a blog to the men. I promise.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Altruistic Day

Amy, Alex, Evan and baby Noah on the cat prowl!

The boys and I were busy today. Well for a few hours at least. We helped a friend and her family look for their missing cat, Streaky. The cat belongs to Amy and her family. We went through their neighborhood with flyers inquiring if the cat was seen. He has been missing since January 19, 2008.
I thought this activity would be a good way for the boys to get out of their small box of thier own lives. I discussed with them helping frined when they ask. I also discussed with my boys how their friends(the kiddies) must feel not having their cat. Also, how the cat must feel being outside for so long and not having his family and warm home. I was trying to evoke empathy from my children concerning the animals and friends. Another idea of mine was trying to get my children's mind away from themselves and onto a bigger thing called .....LIFE....THE WORLD OUTSIDE THIS HOUSE!!! I think I achieved this the best I could with a seven and a five year old. It takes time but at least I am trying.

Here we go!!!

Chris, Ewan and Trey. It sure is tiring looking for Streaky!

Amy on a mission while Noah relaxes.

Ringing doorbells is sure hard work!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Still Going Strong

Well it is February first and the blogging contest continues. It seems no one wants to just give up and enough is enough. NOOO.....we have to anty up another $5 for the month of February....that is if we want to be in the contest. Heather(My Blog, My Life) has decided she has had enough and will not continue this insanity. Maybe she had the right idea. I mean the thought of blogging everyday kills my brain. I am just not creative enough. I have decided to take it one day at a time. No pressure for me. So we are down to six(me, Julie, Karlise, Holly, Scarlett and Melodie).