Wednesday, January 30, 2008


My ten things that no one has done before list. Or probably have not done. I am meaning the people in my small world.

1) I obdienced my dog to earn a Campanion Dog(CD) certificate.

2) Jumped the fence at Tampa Bay Stadium in the middle of the night. Sprained my ankle in the process.

3) Watched front and center a child being born(and not my own). I touched my nieces head before she emerged into the world. In essence, I touched ny sisters vagina.

4) Helped a baby possum to be born when it's mother died from being hit by a car. Then I hand fed the baby and cared for it. It died anyway!

5) Had the State of Florida remove a child from the custody of it's parents. Also wittnessed the removal from the home and held the father as he cried. Actually, I have seen and done this many times.

6) Worked in a domestic violence safe house/shelter.

7) White water rafting.

8) Flew over the Grand Canyon in a four seater cessna plane. Then ate luch with the Walapai Indians.

9) Have two bachelors degrees from FSU, a Masters Degree from Nova Southeastern and am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor(L.M.H.C.). The talk show host Kathy Fountain was in my Masters Program with me.

10) Hiked through the rain forest in Dominca.



Melodie said...

LMHC, huh? Do you keep your license up? Do you ever think about going back to it?

jennifer said...

Yes I keep up my license. I think about going back everytime I think about money problems. :)