Monday, January 14, 2008

Rules For Living

Many years ago I cut out this quote from the newspaper. It has been my inspiration as a guide to life and the way I want to be. I fail most days but I try. It was written by President James A. Garfield.

1) Never Be Idle
2) Make Few Promises
3) Always speak the Truth
4) Live Within Your Income
5) Never Speak Evil of Anyone
6) Keep Good Company or None
7) Live Up to Your Engagements
8) Never Play Games of Chance
9) Drink No Intoxicating Drinks
10) Good Character is Above Everything Else
11) Keep Your Own Secrets if You Have Any
12) Never Borrow if You can Possibly Help It
13) Do Not Marry Until You Are Able to Support a Wife
14) When You Speak to a Person, Look Into His Eyes
15) Save When You are Young to Spend When You are Old
16) Never Run into Debt Unless You See a Way Out Again
17) Good Company and Good Conversation Are the Sinews of Virtue
18) Your Character Cannot be Essentially Injured Except By Your Own Acts
19) If Anybody Speaks Evil of You, Let Your Life Be So That No One Believes Him
20) When You Retire at Night, Think Over What You have Done During the Day