Friday, January 4, 2008

I Feel Pretty....Oh So Pretty

Can you guess what musical the title of this post comes from? No fair guessing know all musical stuff! So why the change of tune from yesterdays blah post. My hair silly. My new "Sedu" hair staightner finally came in the mail today. My "Chi" broke a few days after Christmas. It has been very sad hair days since then. But not today(well this afternoon). After my houseguests left(boy were they a handful) I went right to the bathroom and plugged that sucker in. Within moments my hair looked fabulous! I am not normally a hair/makeup kinda gal(as you all clearly see) but darn I do love my hair straightner. And since I bought a "Chi" a few years ago at Christmastime for my niece.....I knew I needed one for myself. I used hers until Christmas morning when I needed to wrap it up and give it as a present. It was only slightly used and I did confess to her. Never will I buy a cheap straightner again. Only the best for my hair baby(and sanity).

On a side note....what the heck have you done to your children Karlise. They are petrified of dogs. I know you own dogs. Poor Ian was in tears everytime Alex looked at him. Forget about Gypsy and Dash. I swear he thought Alex was going to eat him or something. Strange isn't it? Love ya girly!


Melodie said...

It's funny that you have West Side Story on the brain. I was just snapping my fingers and doing the little "gang" dance along with it while singing to Katie about Jets and Sharks yesterday.

Karlise said...

I actually asked dh if we had the DVD or not when I saw it at Sams last night! I love that movie!

As for my boys, I have no clue why they are scared of your dogs. They just aren't around other dogs besides their own EVER and our dogs could care less about them. LOL

PS I'm not surprised 5 boys in one house for several hours was a handful! Hahaha I think I would have gone nuts.

Scarlett said...

what is a chi? I am not much of a hair and makeup girl either, so this is something I need to know! LOL!

PS I'm slowly learning more about the makeup thing... I think there's probably no hope for me, but I'm trying!