Thursday, January 17, 2008

Animals, Animals, Everywhere Animals

Guess what came in the mail today? Evan's ladybugs from Insect Lore! He got a ladybug kit from Santa and we mailed off for the bugs. Hopefully we(I) can keep them alive long enough for them to turn into ladybugs. Then we can set them free. heard right. They go from an egg - larva - pupa - adult and then freedom! I believe ours are in the larva stage. They boys are so exicted for our new animals.

And since I am sharing our ladybugs animals I thought I would share pics of our three doggies for my many devoted readers who have not met them yet. They are very much part of the "Hydock Life."

Alex....the mutt. She is old and ornery.

Dash....the Bassett Hound. Those eyes get me everytime!

Gypsy.......the English Bulldog. A face only a mother can love!

Now onto the fish. We lost one. One of the dalmation fish died. Trey is okay because we have ALL those babies. When Dh gets brave he will scoop out some babies and give them to Holly and her girls.

We are not done yet with the Hydock animals. We have turtles. Dh had had the one on the right(April) for over 20 years. That is before he met me. The one on the left is Jimmy. He has a club foot. The turtes are usually in the water but they are in a sort of mini hybernation.

Have I left anyone out in the animal kingdom......oh yea......our Scarlet Macaw...Squawkers!!!

NOT!!!!(Got Ya) Only Trey's Fur-Real bird. But he is like our pet. Except no poop, vet bills, feedings and I can turn him off at the end of the day.


AmySue73 said...

Hee, hee, hee... you're too funny!

Alison said...

What adorable doggies you have! Gypsy and Dash are too funny...I can't believe how many pets the Hydock clan has. Our family barely manages with just our old dog.