Wednesday, October 31, 2007

trick or treat

Trick or Treat I got a wild idea a few weeks ago and decided to make the treat/gift bags for Halloween for Evan's 1st grade class. There are only thirteen kids in the class so I thought I could handle the task. When I say make them I mean I actually sewed the bags on my sewing machine. Other moms in the class filled up the bags with the goodies. The idea is wild for me since I just learned to sew in the spring of this year. And the only thing I ever made was in the sewing class I took with a trained sewing professional constantly looking over my shoulder instructing me step by step. But I must say I found the task quite enjoyable and the bags did not turn out too bad. I am considering doing another sewing project for Trey's preschool class for Christmas. But this time with a sewing friend of mine.

Continuing on the Halloween theme........the boys and daddy dressed up for trick or treating. The theme was Scooby Doo plus the ghost pirate the gang captures. Costumes are quite expensive so I chose not to be Velma or Daphne. I just could not fork over $30/40 for one night. At least the boys got to wear their costumes for a few occassions like a halloween party, the church fall festival and then halloween night. Trey does not look happy in the photo because he did not want to wear the wig and goatee. I made him(yes I am a mean mommy) wear them just for the photos. Zane had a scooby doo head covering but there was no getting him to wear that. He is two and those tantrums can be quite horrible. After the photos were done everyone cheered up and Halloween night was a success!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The first blog!

I have decided to start a blog. I wanted a place where family and friends can come and see what is happening in my life with Dh and the boys. The boys are growing way too fast and I just can't keep up telling everyone about all that is happening on a day to day basis. Hence the blog. If you like the blogs please let me know. If you don't.....keep that to yourselves. I get enough criticism in life without hearing it from cyberspace. Enjoy!!!