Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Average day and old memories

I have absolutely nothing to report from the Hydock home. Just an average day.......school drop off, Zane speech therapy, Sams Club, nap time, pickup kids from school, Evan drum lesson, homework, daddy leave for work, dinner, bath, book and finally bed.

A few friends have been reminiscing about old television shows and such. I came across this one today. It was a favorite of mine. Who remembers it? The sleestaks scared me as a kid.

Another great show I used to watch as a kid was........Creature Feature with Dr. Paul Bearer. I met him several times working at Specs in Winter Haven. He looked and sounded the same as on television. And he drove the hearse around town as his day to day car. Remember Leslie? Ah....the memories!


Holly said...

Loved Land of the Lost, and I remember watching Creature Feature on Saturday afternoons!

Melodie said...

I loved those shows. I REALLY love Creature Feature and Dr. Paul Bearer. I met him, too, but it was when I was a little kid and it was on Halloween of all nights. Totally Cool!

The Land of the Lost was my little brother's favorite show, so we watched a lot of that at our house, too. We all be singing, "The La-and of the LOOOOOSSTTT!"

Scarlett said...

I loved Land of the Lost, but I didn't remember that intro... We had a Land of the Lost board game.

Kandee said...

Yep....I loved Kroft Superstars...Land of the Lost, Sigmund the Sea Monster, Puff N Stuff, ah those were the good ole days. I used to watch Dr. Paul Bearer with my dad on Saturday afternoons. Thanks for sharing.