Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Oops......I Did It Again

This has not been one of my best days. I really do not want to blog about this BUT my blog is about what is real in my household therefore I feel like I need to confess. Anyway......most of you will find out anyway when DH rags me about it. I will not live this down for a long long while. At least until it is fixed which will be a long long time because I just do not have the money to fix it. Okay...scroll down and view the pics.............

Do you see it? Well look at the next picture and maybe it will become clearer.

Now can you tell what this is?

This is John's Toyota smashed in. I accidently backed into the car with Big Red. John was off riding his bike and I thought he took the car. Apparently I was wrong, wrong, wrong. This is not the first or second time I have backed into the car...many of you may remember. I will never live this down. I am not a bad driver I just need to pay attention more to where that small little car is parked. Darn Little Red!

So there...I have put it out there for everyone to know. Please no heckling. I feel guilty enough without all your comments...and you know who I mean. YES YOU!!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Birthday Celebrations

The special birthday couple

We went to Grandma Barnett's and Uncle Carl's house to celebrate both birthdays. I remember as a child loving the moments when Uncle Carl arrived. He was the funnest Uncle. He gave the best presents. He was always lively and very fun. I am glad to report things have not changed. My kids adore their Uncle. They get so excited knowing they will visit him. In their words he has the best house. It has great video games, toys and food. All a kid could want.
I must say.....going to visit Carl and Grandma is always a treat for me as well. They both lavish attention and love to my children as well as me. I feel very loved with them around.
Anyway....Uncle Carl put on a great birthday show for everyone today. He gets everything in order and pre-prepared so my grandmother has to do very little. He goes overboard with the preparations and we love it.

Here is an example of what we ate today,. This is Grandma Barnett's birthday cake. It is her favorite from Deli Delicacies. Can we all say Yum Yum!

Grandma and her cake

Zane and his ice cream cake.

Zaney got books from Aunt Leslie and Haley. Trey is excited some of the books are Max and Ruby.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tall Zane

There is a wall in my closet that has the boys heights. Well my version of heights. I just have them stand against the wall while I place a line above their heads and put the exact ages. I have been doing this with all the boys since Evan was a toddler.

Anyway.......I measured Zane today. He is the same height(or pretty darn close) at age three to what Evan was when he was three and a half. I knew Zane was a tall kid but not that tall. Evan was always in the 90-95% for his age/height. I can't wait to see his percentiles when he goes to the doctor on Monday for his three year check-up.

Do not ask about Trey. Poor baby. He is so much smaller than his brothers at age three. Child takes after his father and his family....short people. My family are all giants.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Zaney/ Happy Birthday Grandma Barnett

I can't believe my baby is three years old. I remember it was yesterday I was overdue with him and waddling around the house. And now he is three years old. Boy how time flies.
What special day did he make his appearance? His Great Grandma Barnett's birthday!!!! If he had to be late then I am thrilled he chose a special person to share his birthday. My grandmother will be forever remembered through Zane and his birthday.

You all may be asking what did Zane do for his special day. It was a rainly day here in Florida so we played indoors and ate homemade strawberry cupckes...with sprinkles. When his brother returned from school we headed to Chuck E. Cheese to play and celebrate. Grammy, Colin and Grandma Cardo helped us enjoy Zane's birth day.

Zane opening his presents

Zane, Daddy and mommy with Chuck E. behind us

Zane enjoying his day

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Look Ma.....No Training Wheels

Since there was no school today due to the ever so scary and horrible tropical storm Fay....NOT!!! the boys and I headed outdoors. The weather was cooler for this time of year with a slight breeze and no sun at all. Evan suggested Trey try to ride his bike without training wheels. DH and I have been trying to teach Trey to ride his bike sans training wheels all summer without much luck. So I took off the wheels and what do you know. Trey was off riding on his own. Trey surprised daddy when he got home and showed off his new skills. He stills needs much practice but at least we are off to a great start. I see Santa possibly bringing a new shiny blue bike for Christmas.

Monday, August 18, 2008

They're Home!

Evan and Trey had a great first day at school. Trey said he would go back and keep his teacher so that is a plus. Evan was excited to talk about his friends and activites in class today. But unfortunately there will not be a second day of school tomorrow. Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fay will be making her appearance tomorrow so schools are closed.

First Day of School

Evan and Trey went off to school today. Evan in the second grade while Trey started the kindergarten. Trey was very very nervous about the whole thing. He looked like he was going to throw up or cry this morning. But when I saw him at lunch he was fine. I knew he would be okay if he could just get kindergarten stared. The anticipation is horrible. I am excited for them both to come home so I can hear about their first day. I can't believe I have two kiddies in school now.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Disney Day #3

The whole Hydock clan went to Disney on Wednesday for a last hooray before school lets in. It was a very very muggy day. I can handle the heat which was not too bad for Florida but goodness the wettness is horrible. ANYWAY...........the day was nice and relaxing. It is nice to know we do not have to rush around and that we can come back again and again to see what we want. We even ventured to Epcot at the end of the day to get the boys a pokemon toy in Japan.

Zane wanted to drive the car and he was NOT happy!!! No worries....he eventually got to drive

Tom Sawyer's Island. Trey's most favorite place at Disney.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lithia Springs

The boys and I along with a few playgroup friends went to Lithia Springs for a 'Back To School' brunch. This is our second time this summer going to the springs. I do not know why we have never been before. The water is cool and very clean and clear. I am sorry I did not take Haley when she was younger. Hopefully I can take her and Leslie soon. They would like it.

Anyway....the boys had a good time playing with friends. It rained on us toward the end(see Andrea's Blog for a better description of the torrential downpour).

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer Nights at the Zoo #7

The boys and I went to the zoo this past friday night for their summer evening event which included all rides free. The zoo was not crowded at all so we got to ride all the rides except for the SkyRide which scares my kiddies. The boys got to try out the newest zoo ride which is GatorFalls. They got soaking wet but they went on the ride about six times. We got to see the cheetah on his night roam during the Safari ride. And we saw the newest member of the Orangutan family, RanDee.
The momma was nursing her for the whole world to see. It was beautiful. All in all a wonderful night at the zoo.

(Click on photo for a larger view)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


What is that I hear in my house? Nothing...nada...silence. Evan and Trey went to a baseball game with Uncle Carl and daddy. Zane is sleeping. I have two hours to myself. My house is clean, laundry done....what is a mother to do. Just revel in the peace and quiet. Think clear thoughts. Lazy around, read a book. Did I say revel in the silence.

Since having children quietness in not part of my household. I miss that so much. And it is moments like today that I remember I truly miss the quietness and calm. I like being by myself. I like being alone. Many people(my father) need to be around people all day every day but not me. I like staying cooped up in my house for days on end, seeing no one.

For those that know me I sound contradictory since I am usually the talkative person in a group BUT I like the silence, no talking, no noise. If I need to talk I will seek you out but that is not a natural state for me. I would prefer to spend my time being alone and quiet. Maybe that is why I talk so much around friends. I am filling up my share of talk. Corny huh?

But alas my quiet will end with a two year old needing me very soon. So off I go to bask in silence.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Surfing and Nakedness

Side Note:
Okay.....not much has happened in the Hydock household this last week so I am posting more beach pics. I hope to find new inspiration the following week so please hang in there with me in my slump.

There was so much nakedness during our friends beach week. So many butties and thingies just hanging out there for the whole world to see. Maggie suggested a rule of "No NAKEDNESS" but alas the boys just did not go for this rule. Sorry Maggie! (Click on photos for a larger view)

Another enjoyment was surfing the huge waves. CowaBunga Beach Babies!