Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jane Austen

I am so excited. I finally have something to watch on television tonight. At 9pm, on PBS Masterpiece, there is a movie called "Persuasion". It is based off a book written by Jane Austen. Now I have never seen the movie but anything by Jane Austen should prove to be good. PBS is having a Jane Austen movie series for the next three months. Yea PBS!!! The next two movies in January in the series are "Northanger Abbey" and "Mansfield Park". I have the book Mansfield Park but have yet to read it. I am sure after I finish my current book (remember what I told you a few blogs back I was reading.....NO!!...then go back and reread people!!! Geesh!!) I will delve right into Mansfield Park. Life just got so much better for me. Oh the little things make me happy.

AFTER THE MOVIE: Did anyone watch it beside me? What did you think? IMHO...not her best writing but a good enough love story. The kiss between Ann and Frederick......I was screaming for it to happen and not linger so much. Come on now!! Also, I would have liked to see the characters develop more. I wanted to see Anne show the Captain how she can not be persuaded anymore. And for the Captain to resist a bit longer. All in all....a solid B!!

ON A SAD NOTE: My friend, Amy, is out of the blog contest. She blogged too late last night and it was past midnight when she posted. Oh well..rules are rules...even technical ones. Her blog is called My Three Sons. Go check her out and give your condolescenes. UPDATE: My DH thinks the blog contest women are too harsh and should give Amy a 7 minute break. Well ladies?????


Karlise said...

Ask John if I get a break when I go into labor for 24 hours?!

Melodie said...

Your DH is not in the contest so he has no idea how competitive it is. I'm sure if he was trying to win this thing, he'd say to throw her out, too.

Heather said...

Aren't you the one that mentioned that she blogged late? LOL. Like I said, if we make exceptions we'll have to make exceptions for EVERYONE and NO ONE will EVER be out. I know, we're mean, but if not we'll all be in this for a full year!