Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Field Trip at it's Finest!

Trey's preschool class had a wonderful adventure today. They went on a field trip to Bern's Steakhouse. This was arranged by DH due to this week being "career week" at preschool. So instead of DH coming into the classroom and showing the kiddies his job he actually took them to the restaurant. Trey loved showing off his daddy. I was extremely happy to see my DH at his job without a hundred patrons in the restaurant. I could really take time and see the inside of Bern's.


Sunday, March 23, 2008


The finale to a great three day weekend.......EASTER!!! The boys were up bright and early. Easter basket were ohh'ed and ahh'ed. Then off to breakfast while daddy(a.k.a. The Easter Bunny) hid the eggs outside. Looking for eggs is so much fun. I love watching them run everywhere with huge smiles. Church came next. Then......the best part for my boys....Uncle Carl's house. My uncle spoils my boys and I love it. I remember Uncle Carl visiting when I was a young girl. He always brought so much excitement and fun to the house. I always thought he was the best uncle and now my boys get to feel the same way. They love Uncle Carl and all his full of life antics. They boys also got spoiled by their Aunt Leslie and Haley. They each got a basket full of goodies from them as well. Haley was not forgotten by her uncle and aunt.......she is my only niece!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

Egg Saturday

Coloring eggs was the theme for the morning. It is a tradition that Grammy colors eggs with the boys. We all get into the least one per adult. The rest is for the kiddies.

Grammy always finds new things for the coloring day. The egg holder will spin the egg around to color all sides. This contraption really works!

The finished products. The Hydocks are one creative bunch!


Off to the zoo. The whole family went along with a few friends. It was a really nice day outdoors. Not too hot and muggy. It was nice to relax on God's special day with DH, the boys and friends. Now you may wonder how the zoo fits into Good Friday. This is my thinking.......the family was together and we enjoyed God's special gifts. All the animals and plants of the zoo. Take a look at God's unique animals.

Some kind of stork or pelican(I forgot)




And my favorite photo of the Orangutans. Notice the baby nursing. So natural and wonderful. AHHHH.....nothing like mom's milk!

That evening the boys and I went to church at BayLife for a Good Friday service. Evan and Trey took their first communion. It was a special moment for me to be witness to this.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday, March 16, 2008


The boys and I went to the Ruskin Drive-In with a few friends. We saw 'Horton Hears A Who'. It was really cute. The boys had a blast at the drive-in. Evan was really unsure about the idea when I mentioned it friday morning. But he has since come around and asked when we can go again.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Strawberry Picking

Trey's preschool class went on a field trip to Fancy Farms in Plant City. The strawberries were a variety called 'Treasure'. They were oh so sweet and juicy. The owner encouraged all the kiddies to try out the fruit when they were picking. I can't remember when I had a really good berry picked right off the plant. It was a fun day with Trey and his classmates.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Nighty Night!

This past weekend was really busy. Zane missed naps but that did not seem to faze him. When he needs his nap he just sleeps(anywhere and anyhow). And if you are really wondering he WAS FAST ASLEEP!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


It is that time of year again. Little League spring baseball season has begun. Evans team is called the Diamondbacks. His first game was today against the Yankees. He is hitting the ball with a machine pitch, there are three outs and scores are kept. Wow.....he has certainly moved up in the baseball world. The first game of the season for the Diamondbacks saw a win.....twelve to five. I hope to see some of you out at the ball field rooting on our favorite player.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Weekend Moments

This weekend has been quite the busy one. Starting with Holly's garage sale. I did not make much due to my two biggest items did not sell but it was a fun morning all the same. Here I am hard at work sitting on the couch that did not sell.

But as I was reading the local Brandon-Valrico Journal I saw a listing of kids who made their schools "Principals Honor Roll". I viewed my child's school and found his name. Wow...what a surprise. I never got notice from the school. He made the list because he had all E's on his report card. You rock Evan!!

Next on the agenda was Evan's baseball practice. His schedule is coming out anyday now. I will let you all know when the season starts.

Inbetween baseball practice was a bday party for Trey's really good friend, Ewan(Happy 5th). He had a Croc Encounter party. It was really neat to see all the animals and such. Poor Evan had to miss it but that is such the life of a baseball player.

When driving home from the bday party. Evan noticed Port City Java. He said his art teacher put his classes paintings on the wall. So we just swung into the store and saw them. Lo and behold there it Evan is so talented. So when you are near the Java joint close to my house(you all know the one) just stop in and view the masterpieces on the wall.

Saturday night Evan had a friend from school stay the night. He then went to church with us sunday morning. This is a "first" moment for him. I realized something in the process of the overnight thingy. Evan is way too young to sleep over someone else's house. Unless they are a really close friend or relative. Maybe in another year or two. But in the meantime Aunt Leslie has said she will have Evan over to her house during the summer. I can handle that!

Sunday brought the Hydock's to church and an Easter Party with our playgroup. This is an annual tradition for the group of probably four to five years. Here we are looking at all the goodies that came from the plastic eggs.

And last but definitely not least was DH's bike ride today. He rode 75 miles in the St. Pete Times Ride tour. I am so proud of him. He has been conditioning so much. He is readying himself for a hilly ride in the North Georgia mountains this fall.

Whew....what a weekend. Now off to bed.