Thursday, January 31, 2008

Underwear Head Zaney

My youngest son has a strange love of underwear.....and NOT clean ones may I add!!!!!Yes, I mean they are dirty, used, previously farted in underwear. How to describe his fetish........well check out my picture blog of my zaney Zane.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


My ten things that no one has done before list. Or probably have not done. I am meaning the people in my small world.

1) I obdienced my dog to earn a Campanion Dog(CD) certificate.

2) Jumped the fence at Tampa Bay Stadium in the middle of the night. Sprained my ankle in the process.

3) Watched front and center a child being born(and not my own). I touched my nieces head before she emerged into the world. In essence, I touched ny sisters vagina.

4) Helped a baby possum to be born when it's mother died from being hit by a car. Then I hand fed the baby and cared for it. It died anyway!

5) Had the State of Florida remove a child from the custody of it's parents. Also wittnessed the removal from the home and held the father as he cried. Actually, I have seen and done this many times.

6) Worked in a domestic violence safe house/shelter.

7) White water rafting.

8) Flew over the Grand Canyon in a four seater cessna plane. Then ate luch with the Walapai Indians.

9) Have two bachelors degrees from FSU, a Masters Degree from Nova Southeastern and am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor(L.M.H.C.). The talk show host Kathy Fountain was in my Masters Program with me.

10) Hiked through the rain forest in Dominca.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I am a guilt person. I think it will always follow me. I can try to shake it but it always reemerges. I am a guilt person! No matter what other people say to me to make me feel better.......I have guilt. Guilt that I am not a good enough mother, I am a useless wife, I complain too much, I ignore my kids and let them drown in a tub....whatever. GUILT!!!!! Why am I made this way? Is this God's crazy sense of humor. Let's drive Jennifer crazy and make her ALWAYS fell GUILT. She can try to work out this issue but it snaps back like a good fitting bra. It will always bite her in the rear when least expected. Guilt!! Any ideas people?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Tuckered Out!

I am exhausted!! I finally started changing the boys rooms around yesterday. I have been redoing a bed for Evan for the past many months. Well, I decided it was a new year and I must complete this project. The whole family got into the groove of cleaning, trashing toys and such. I told the boys we make a great Hydock Team! I must finish putting the rooms back to order by tomorrow night as I have a Discovery Toys party. I can't have my house in disarray for guests. Amy would kill me! I hope to post pics in a few days when I am finished.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Rendezvous.....Take two

Here are more picture from Rendevous.

Dave, my stepfather, in his home away from home camp.

Paul with his armadillo hat. Yes, made from a real armadillo!

Paul, T. Greg, Big John, my mom, and Ben(armadillo hat man!)

Zane having fun with his memaw and papa.

Trey and Zane at camp with Memaw Donker.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rendezvous 2008

Today was visitor day at Rendezvous. My mother and stepfather are participants. Trey, Zane and I went along with my grandmother, uncle Carl, Leslie, Haley and Haley's friends(Ashley, Shannon, Tyler and Tom). Ashley and Shannon are Haley's friends since elementary school but the boys are new to me. Evan had baseball tryouts so he stayed behind with DH. The weather was perfect...not too hot or cold. It can get pretty warm up on the hill at Rendezvous. We(as a whole...not just me...what am I a pig!!) ate Indian tacos, fry bread, hot off the oil donuts(YUMMY), rock candy, and kettle corn. We drank cherry fizz and sarsaparilla in our bottles we reuse every year. A few trinkets were bought. I thought of my secret sis and bought her something small. I love ya girlie!! The boys made out with trinkets and toys.

Haley and her friends

Friday, January 25, 2008

Blah, Blah , Blah

I am getting really tired of blogging every night. It is getting old and quite cumbersome. I think a huge issue of mine is that I blog too late. I am way tired and my brain is shut off. I am not on the computer much during the day to blog. Also, I am waiting in the day for something to happen or spark me to blog about. As you can read from the last few posts.....nothing is happening. I am not going to give up blogging for the contest so hush Melodie. I just need inspiration. I don't want to copy another blog. I want my own ideas I just do not have any. For now I will just ramble about a few things.

First, I have a secret sis(at least until Valentines Day). She is beautiful, funny, smart, and I really like her. guessed is YOU!!!!! I hope you had a great day.

Second, tomorrow is saturday. Evan has baseball tryouts. The other two boys and I will be heading to Rendevous tomorrow morning. My mom and stepfather participate every year. I will post pics about it tomorrow.

Third, I can see the light with the children's bedroom project. Hopefully next week I can post before and after pics of the rooms. Wish me luck.

Fourth, I had a children clothing swap playdate at my house today. It was a success. I enjoyed being with all the moms. Thankmyou everyone for coming.

Fifth, I am having a Discovery Toy party on tuesday night. I am hoping it is a success. My girlfriend, Amy, just began this home based job. If you read this blog....please come to my party!!

Sixth, my blogging friends have been posting old photos and talking of childhood memories with TV shows, music and idols. I thought I would share my childhood favorite musician. Adam Ant!!!! Oh man did I like him!!!

Seventh, good night all!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Same Old

I really have nothing to say tonight. I do not feel inspired to be creative. It was a noncreative, boring, same old day. School drop off, laundry, working on Evan's bed(painting and such), cleaning house for swap playdate tomorrow, lunch, nap for Zane, laundry(again), school pickup, library for Evan's book report, dinner, bath, book, bed.

Evan just went off to bed mad at me for not finishing a book we were reading. I stopped because he was playing. After a few verbals to him I was finished reading. I said we would try again tomorrow night. Well my baby went to bed and would not speak to me. Guess what he just did a few minutes ago. He came running to me ...crying. He said he could not go to sleep without kissing me. AWWWW!!! My baby loves his mommy!

On that note I say goodnight to my loyal and devoted readers.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another Computer

Is it cheating if I am blogging on someone elses computer. I am at a friends house right now. I do not think I will get home before midnight. And if I do I will be too tired to blog. Noay........I am posting so be happy folks. That is all I have to say. I need to get back to my friend. I am neglecting her!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Average day and old memories

I have absolutely nothing to report from the Hydock home. Just an average drop off, Zane speech therapy, Sams Club, nap time, pickup kids from school, Evan drum lesson, homework, daddy leave for work, dinner, bath, book and finally bed.

A few friends have been reminiscing about old television shows and such. I came across this one today. It was a favorite of mine. Who remembers it? The sleestaks scared me as a kid.

Another great show I used to watch as a kid was........Creature Feature with Dr. Paul Bearer. I met him several times working at Specs in Winter Haven. He looked and sounded the same as on television. And he drove the hearse around town as his day to day car. Remember Leslie? Ah....the memories!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Zoo Day #2

It was a day off from school for the boys so we headed to the zoo. Dh tagged along just for fun. And what fun it was with a moody and independent two year old. One moment he is happy as a lark and the next....oh boy. Let's just say we got many looks from people. At one point Zane turned his back on Dh and I and screamed and screamed. What prompts these outbursts? Doing anything he does not want, looking at him at the wrong moment, not walking the way he wants, his brothers eating food and he wants it ALL(no sharing for him).....whatever. He is two and crazy! Other than "those" moments the day was nice with the family. The weather was gorgeous. And the animals were out and about. So enjoy the pictures. There are many but all blogs need animals pics now and again.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Monster Truck Jam

The monster trucks came to town Saturday night. Uncle Carl knows boys and just knew mine would love to go. He even invited me and my grandmother to tag along. It was a cold and rainy testosterone night filled with too much camouflage clothing. Once in a while we need to break free from our girly and civil ways and just be boys.
A good time had by all. The seats were great...they sheltered us from the rain and winds. Hope you enjoy the pics. Thank you Uncle Carl for being the best Uncle to my boys and me!! We love you( I am a girly girl again and getting all mushy).

Love is in the Air

Another Jane Austen movie is on PBS tonight for anyone interested. It is called Northanger Abbey. I am so excited. I am in the mood for a love story tonight. And Jane always comes through.

Left Out in the Cold: That is Stacy concerning the blogging contest. Her mom is in town. Apparently this has kept her so busy she forgot to blog. She went on a date with her hubby and was out too late....thus no blog. At least she had a really good reason and a really good time. But Stacy has been a regular blogger for a while now. So go check her out every now and then.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I am here

I am here....posting right before midnight. I do not believe it is "cheating" if Haley(my niece and babysitter for the night) posted for me. I was on the phone with her telling her what to write. Isn't this what we told Karlise to do if the contest went longer than a month and she was in labor....have Robert post for her. Whatever......I posted before midnight. I can't wait to show you all the fun night we had.

This is Haley

This is Haley, Aunt Jenny's neice. I am on the phone with her right now. She is coming home from the Monster Truck Jam and is afraid she will miss her post for the day. She is asking me to right this for her. Aunt Jennay said the boys had a great time but everybody is cold and wet. Aunt Jenny said she will write more tomorrow and post pictures about the Monster Jam!

Now this is Haley i babysat Zane tonight. We ate a bunch a pizza, and watched t.v. We then fell asleep on the chair. Then i woke up and put him in his crib. After he went to sleep i starting playing Guitar Hero. Gah! It's amazing. =) I have been playing for like 2 hours now. And then Aunt Jenny called abd told me to write this. So...yeah! well peace out <3

Friday, January 18, 2008

Mind Boggling Decision

The last two days have been utter mind boggling....brain blowout days for me.

Here is my all it's ugliness...the whole truth and nothing but the help me GOD!!!!!

It was time to be serious and decide on a car seat for Trey. I have been putting this off for a while. Mainly because I was undecided if I wanted a car seat/convertible or simply a booster for him. He has not grown in a few months so he has not technically outgrown his car seat but darn near close. So I finally decided on a booster for him...remember this took me months to decide. Now the looking and researching part came in. The car seat guru of my friends(Karlise) sent me many links. This added to my knowledge and confusion about what I wanted. I thought I had decided on the "perfect" booster and then more links came via email from the expert. Now in total indecisiveness I sought out another mind....Amy. I really thought she was going to reach through the phone and strangle me(or Karlise). Then to add to my craziness and obsession I took Trey all over town to "try out" boosters. He was not a happy camper let me tell you. In the end I came home empty handed and no where nearer a decision. So today arrived and my car seat guru once again sought me out. She found two boosters at a store. This was promising. So this afternoon I took all the kiddies and we went car seat shopping...again. Not without a bribe though.......McDonald's for dinner for wonderful, non whiny kids when shopping. It worked! One and a half hours later I emerged from the store with a booster seat for Trey and a promise to find another color for Evan online and buy it! Hallelujah and Amen!!!
So I truely thank Karlise for sticking with me and never giving up on me. You are awesome. I passed along my knowledge to a mom friend I saw at the store today while she was shopping for boosters all because of YOU. And thank you Amy for letting me try out your car seat for the millionth time. And thanks Amy for not strangling me. Finally a huge thanks to Holly for not allowing me to walk up to every car in pick up line at school and ask to view their car seats. I told you all(my devoted readers)that you need friends like mine. None of this would have happened without them.

The End

Oh yea....what did I buy............The Graco AirBooster

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Animals, Animals, Everywhere Animals

Guess what came in the mail today? Evan's ladybugs from Insect Lore! He got a ladybug kit from Santa and we mailed off for the bugs. Hopefully we(I) can keep them alive long enough for them to turn into ladybugs. Then we can set them free. heard right. They go from an egg - larva - pupa - adult and then freedom! I believe ours are in the larva stage. They boys are so exicted for our new animals.

And since I am sharing our ladybugs animals I thought I would share pics of our three doggies for my many devoted readers who have not met them yet. They are very much part of the "Hydock Life."

Alex....the mutt. She is old and ornery.

Dash....the Bassett Hound. Those eyes get me everytime!

Gypsy.......the English Bulldog. A face only a mother can love!

Now onto the fish. We lost one. One of the dalmation fish died. Trey is okay because we have ALL those babies. When Dh gets brave he will scoop out some babies and give them to Holly and her girls.

We are not done yet with the Hydock animals. We have turtles. Dh had had the one on the right(April) for over 20 years. That is before he met me. The one on the left is Jimmy. He has a club foot. The turtes are usually in the water but they are in a sort of mini hybernation.

Have I left anyone out in the animal kingdom......oh yea......our Scarlet Macaw...Squawkers!!!

NOT!!!!(Got Ya) Only Trey's Fur-Real bird. But he is like our pet. Except no poop, vet bills, feedings and I can turn him off at the end of the day.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Now or Never

I don't have much to say. This post will be my most boring yet. I am going out to the Melting Pot later this evening with a few girls from my playgroup. I am very sure I will get home late and be way too tired to blog. So it is now or never. And if never then I am out of this crazy blog contest.
Nothing exciting is happening in the Hydock house right now. Zane appears to be sick It started this morning with sneezes. After a short nap he seems even worse. So glad I am going out tonight and leaving daddy to tend the sick baby. Oh joy...Oh wonderful night. But I should not be too surprised the baby is not well. Trey just got over a minor cold. DH has had a horrible cough for a week now. With luck, Evan and I can stay well. And Trey not get sick all over again.

A side message: Happy Birthday Papa Donker. We love you very much!! Have fun at Rendevous. See you soon.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Through The Eyes of My Child

Evan came home today with papers from his work at school. One of the papers was from "A-Z Black Inventors". I was taken back by this topic. Evan has never mentioned the color of people, pointed out the differences of people, NOTHING! At first I wondered why even mention the inventors were black. My mind kept wandering and wondering. I asked myself what the moms(who are black) would think of such a topic. Maybe they would want everybody to know the inventors were black. Then I wondered what Evan thought so I asked him about the work. He used the term black and African American interchangeably...okay good kid. He spoke of his classmates that were black and a few friends that were black. He said he saw no difference with him and these kids....okay again...good kid. Good teaching him Mrs. L (much kudos to you).
I was saddened to know he saw their color at all(loss of innocence). I thought at the moment that my child saw different color skins but just never inquired about it. Oh my child does not tell me bubble as a parent is broken. But then at dinner the conversation kept going and come to find out......Evan never saw color until it was mentioned in class. See I really do know my child and what he knows and thinks. But still saddened that my child had to learn this topic at such a young age. I do not think he is affected by this...meaning he still does not fully get what was discussed. Color....yes but then again I am not upset with the school system or the teacher. My child lives in the world and thus I can not shelter him forever. And he still is the same child that I sent off to school in the morning...loving, caring, much empathy and quite funny. I am just saddened(yes this word again!!) we still look at skin color and must make a point to tell everyone he was a "BLACK" inventor instead of he was an inventor. Does one negate or belittle the other? What a world we live in??!!

ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST:(I love that song) Another blogger is out of the contest. Kandee(The Family Edge blogger) forgot to post. Just forgot...nothing more to it. She said she meant to all day but well you know how it goes as a mom. We never really get to what we "meant" to do. We get to all the "other" stuff. But keep reading her blog. She is still around just not everyday.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Rules For Living

Many years ago I cut out this quote from the newspaper. It has been my inspiration as a guide to life and the way I want to be. I fail most days but I try. It was written by President James A. Garfield.

1) Never Be Idle
2) Make Few Promises
3) Always speak the Truth
4) Live Within Your Income
5) Never Speak Evil of Anyone
6) Keep Good Company or None
7) Live Up to Your Engagements
8) Never Play Games of Chance
9) Drink No Intoxicating Drinks
10) Good Character is Above Everything Else
11) Keep Your Own Secrets if You Have Any
12) Never Borrow if You can Possibly Help It
13) Do Not Marry Until You Are Able to Support a Wife
14) When You Speak to a Person, Look Into His Eyes
15) Save When You are Young to Spend When You are Old
16) Never Run into Debt Unless You See a Way Out Again
17) Good Company and Good Conversation Are the Sinews of Virtue
18) Your Character Cannot be Essentially Injured Except By Your Own Acts
19) If Anybody Speaks Evil of You, Let Your Life Be So That No One Believes Him
20) When You Retire at Night, Think Over What You have Done During the Day

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jane Austen

I am so excited. I finally have something to watch on television tonight. At 9pm, on PBS Masterpiece, there is a movie called "Persuasion". It is based off a book written by Jane Austen. Now I have never seen the movie but anything by Jane Austen should prove to be good. PBS is having a Jane Austen movie series for the next three months. Yea PBS!!! The next two movies in January in the series are "Northanger Abbey" and "Mansfield Park". I have the book Mansfield Park but have yet to read it. I am sure after I finish my current book (remember what I told you a few blogs back I was reading.....NO!!...then go back and reread people!!! Geesh!!) I will delve right into Mansfield Park. Life just got so much better for me. Oh the little things make me happy.

AFTER THE MOVIE: Did anyone watch it beside me? What did you think? IMHO...not her best writing but a good enough love story. The kiss between Ann and Frederick......I was screaming for it to happen and not linger so much. Come on now!! Also, I would have liked to see the characters develop more. I wanted to see Anne show the Captain how she can not be persuaded anymore. And for the Captain to resist a bit longer. All in all....a solid B!!

ON A SAD NOTE: My friend, Amy, is out of the blog contest. She blogged too late last night and it was past midnight when she posted. Oh well..rules are rules...even technical ones. Her blog is called My Three Sons. Go check her out and give your condolescenes. UPDATE: My DH thinks the blog contest women are too harsh and should give Amy a 7 minute break. Well ladies?????

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Stockpile Girl

Today was errand day for me. We were out of milk, fruit and veggies, and household items. Literally, the boys had the last of the milk and fruit this morning for breakfast. In my mind I really should have gone to the grocery store friday but I procrastinated. I knew I had a buffer day of today. Yes...I have buffer days. I do not like to run out of things. Any, household items, clean clothes, etc. If I run out of things I feel like I am not doing my job properly. I have a warped mind......did I ever tell you. I stockpile things. If the family opens up a bottle of shampoo I make a mental note to replace said item quickly. Even if said item will not be needed for another month or so........a replacement needs to be under the counter....waiting.I have gotten much better at my stockpiling(lack of money plays a huge role). Now, I am okay with just one said item under the counter and not two or three. As for food.....especially perishable items.......I carefully watch and plan when I can/need to go grocery shopping. I am okay with using up the last of the milk but by goodness new milk will be in the fridge by next meal time.
If not......did I really take good care of my family? This is my job folks....not to run out of things. I am warped .......I know. So tell you stockpile? Do you have buffer days when you know clothes should be cleaned but have a few more days of white socks to tide everyone over. Buffer days!!! Or are you carefree and frivolous.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Too Funny

Most things I do not find funny. But this was hilarious. Stupid but funny....check it out

My Mentor

I found this article. Thought I would share. Boy is she a mean mom or what....but you gotta love her spirit! You go world's meanest mom!!!

Love/Hate Relationship

The boys got a PS3 for Christmas. Thanks to wonderful friends. Evan and Trey(and daddy)love it. much that he always wants to play with it. New rules have been established in our home just because of it. I have a love/hate relationship with the machine. It is fun to play and it occupies the boys to the extent of quiteness in the house. But goodness the whining I get when Evan wants to play. Oy.....that boy can whine. Trey just accepts when he can't play and moves on. No worries for that child. John plays that thing most evening when he gets home from work. He got the guitar game for being a good boy all year long. Here is what my household looks like on any given day(minus daddy) when PS3 is in play..............

Thursday, January 10, 2008

What To Say???

I just do not know what to say tonight. I must blog for this crazy contest that nobody seems likely to win. But I am tired and I really just want to take a HOT bath and read my book. But NOOOOOOO....I am blogging!!! So what book am I reading. My really good friend Amy is a book fiend. I love it(and her). She always seems to have interesting books to borrow. I am currently reading(well just starting in about five minutes) "The Russian Concubine". Since it is from Amy I pretty sure I will enjoy it.
As I am writing this totally boring blog I am listening to the TV. It is on CMT. They are running a documentary on Jimmy Buffett. He had a hit not too long ago(2003) with Alan Jackson called "It's Five O'Clock Somewhere". Jimmy won an award for his contribution to the song. Anyway, I LOVE Jimmy Buffett music. Makes me just want to get up and dance. Oh yea...another Buffett trivia. He has something in common with Jesus. They were born on the same day. Does that make him something special in the eyes of God? OY...I should just say goodnight. My mind is wandering to strange things and thoughts. Goodnight parrotheads....Fins to the Left....Fins to the right...........Cheeseburger in Paradise.....wasting away in Bloggerville!!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Defective Toy

Why do companies advertise and sell their toys for them only to be defective? One would think they know they are defective when they ship them off to companies to sell. Do they not get tested first? I am talking about what appeared to be a really neat toy for Trey......The Deep Sea JellyFish. So I told relatives about it. His aunt and uncle bought it for him. I was excited for him to have it. Well...I put it together today and it does not work. I finally get through to the company and they say to just get our money back. The toy was a popular item but it does not appear to work properly. Yea...figured that one out. Trey just does not have luck with toys lately

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

No Evil in this household!

I took a few random and successive shots of Zane the other day. It wasn't until I viewed them that I saw this idea. He did these all unprompted by me......seriously!!

See No Evil

Hear No Evil

Speak No Evil

Monday, January 7, 2008

Zoo Day

The boys and I went to the Lowry Park Zoo with friends for a last "Yahoo" before school starts tomorrow. It was a fun day.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Black Fish, Blue Fish, Old Fish, New Fish

From what I can count we are down to five baby fish. I think there may be one or two more hanging out in the back of the tank. John finally admitted I was right about the preggers fish and that another one may be due soon. Yea....ya think so! But for the good news...many of them have a potential home(if they survive). Holly has graciously asked for them. Now to break the news to Trey. I think he will be okay with them leaving the tank because they would be going to a very good friends home. We love the Elliots!! I told you all that friends are a wonderful thing to have. Please get a few...they are handy.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

We have new family members. They are of the aquatic nature. FISH!!! Trey got a fish tank from Santa. We have eight neon fish, and three dalmatian fish. Everyone in the family is enjoying them, especially daddy. I think he secretly wanted fish and that is why he agreed so quickly. A good thing about the fish is that I have no responsibility to them except feed them when the boys go to bed. I can remember to do that.....yea right!! That is why John keeps getting onto me when he gets home from work...oops!

Fish Update.....You were wrong Amy!!!

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! I told John a few of those fish looked pregnant. But no....he(and Amy) denied that idea. Well.......lo and behold what do I see when I go to feed them tonight. Babies!!! Thirteen of them that I can see....those that are hiding up front. What about the back of the tank. Oh goodness no!!!! I am sure many of them will not survive as I am guessing they will be eaten or just die from being too many and small. But there still is another fish that looks "preggers" to me. Time will tell......check back on my fish drama.

Friday, January 4, 2008

I Feel Pretty....Oh So Pretty

Can you guess what musical the title of this post comes from? No fair guessing know all musical stuff! So why the change of tune from yesterdays blah post. My hair silly. My new "Sedu" hair staightner finally came in the mail today. My "Chi" broke a few days after Christmas. It has been very sad hair days since then. But not today(well this afternoon). After my houseguests left(boy were they a handful) I went right to the bathroom and plugged that sucker in. Within moments my hair looked fabulous! I am not normally a hair/makeup kinda gal(as you all clearly see) but darn I do love my hair straightner. And since I bought a "Chi" a few years ago at Christmastime for my niece.....I knew I needed one for myself. I used hers until Christmas morning when I needed to wrap it up and give it as a present. It was only slightly used and I did confess to her. Never will I buy a cheap straightner again. Only the best for my hair baby(and sanity).

On a side note....what the heck have you done to your children Karlise. They are petrified of dogs. I know you own dogs. Poor Ian was in tears everytime Alex looked at him. Forget about Gypsy and Dash. I swear he thought Alex was going to eat him or something. Strange isn't it? Love ya girly!

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Thanks for the comments guys you all listen(read)so well. I wasn't fishing for compliments but I will take them. My sis on the other hand thinks I am a wuss and should stop moaning. She called me tonight......"WAH" to me she thinks! Thanks Les....I needed that as well. Reality check from my big sis.....who could ask for anything more!

Self Loathing

Post no longer available!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Fun with Friends....Lucky Day

Evan and Trey(along with mommy) went to MOSI today with friends. They are lucky to have passes and we are lucky to be their friends. Another very lucky thing was John had the day off of work so he watched Zane and our friends child of the same age at home. It was an enjoyable afternoon with the boys. We watched the IMAX movie...Deep Sea. It was awesome and the boys are still telling daddy about the movie. Friends are great things to have...I highly recommend you all getting one. Especially one with perks. Love ya!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

John had the day off so we went to Sea World for the last time of 2007. And probably the last time for a while since our fun passes expired. We did not stay until midnight. The kids were never going to make it and quite honestly mom and dad were tired. We left around 6:30pm and headed to a restaurant for dinner. The kids got to say goodbye to all the animals. The Polar Express Santa was in the artic for one last Christmas photo. The polar bear was awake and the walruses(sp?) were playful with a ball. All in all a nice day at Sea World! The kids were home and in bed by 10pm. Mommy and daddy were asleep before 2008 rang in. We are so exciting in this house I just can't stand it. You all should be so lucky as we are.

So you may be asking by now....what passes does the Hydock clan plan to have for 2008. Well let me just tell you....DISNEY baby!!!! John and I have been deliberating this for a while and decided it is the time. The Guzman clan(Karlise particularly)was in full agreement from the moment we deliberated. Evan and Trey are ready and well Zane....he will just be along for the ride. What a great ride for him....we should all be so lucky. Disney passes are not cheap as many of you know. That man Disney is one smart fella. We have a few more dollars to save before we can get the year long passes(maybe in March). So I plan to blog alot about our Disney experiences. Be ready everyone.


Many women in my moms group blog. Check them out...they are posted under "Blogs I Read". Well some crazy mom in the group came up with an idea of who could blog the most. We are competitive women so a contest was created. The rules....put in $5 and blog everyday. If you forget to blog then you are out. Whoever is still blogging at the end of the month wins the pot. I fully intednd to be this winning person!!!!!!
If there is a tie then the blogging keeps going until someone wins. Now my main idea for starting this blog was to keep family and friends posted on the happenings in the "Hydock Life". I plan to stick to this theme throught the blogging contest. You all just get much more of the "Hydock Life" then you bargained for. Keep reading because as the month wains I may need topics to post about and you may just see yourself on the blog. Everyone in the family(friends included) is fair game.