Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rendezvous 2008

Today was visitor day at Rendezvous. My mother and stepfather are participants. Trey, Zane and I went along with my grandmother, uncle Carl, Leslie, Haley and Haley's friends(Ashley, Shannon, Tyler and Tom). Ashley and Shannon are Haley's friends since elementary school but the boys are new to me. Evan had baseball tryouts so he stayed behind with DH. The weather was perfect...not too hot or cold. It can get pretty warm up on the hill at Rendezvous. We(as a whole...not just me...what am I a pig!!) ate Indian tacos, fry bread, hot off the oil donuts(YUMMY), rock candy, and kettle corn. We drank cherry fizz and sarsaparilla in our bottles we reuse every year. A few trinkets were bought. I thought of my secret sis and bought her something small. I love ya girlie!! The boys made out with trinkets and toys.

Haley and her friends


Karlise said...

Did you see Dad and his GF??

Karen said...

Hmmm, it looks like both boys are hanging over Haley. Way to go Haley, lol.