Monday, December 28, 2009


ready for the marathon gift opening!

The boys had a wonderful Christmas. They got all they wanted and then some. Mommy had to talk with Zane after he opened his first present from Santa. He threw the gift down, crossed his arms, scowled and said this was not what he asked Santa for. Obviously Zane had ideas about Christmas and the first present did not live up to what he thought. But after I talked with him about Santa giving him what he asked and then other presents he might like Zane warmed up to the idea of opening more presents. Then he was like a kid in a candy store. Oohhing and Aahhing with every gift.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jesus Is the Reason

Another family tradition is the annual "Walk Thru Bethlehem" at a local church. This is a free event. All volunteers from the church. It is only for four days. And baby Jesus is always the main attraction.

The Roman guards at the gate waiting to harass those people who need to enter Bethlehem.

The "harlots" at the well with the guards.



The Shepherds

The Three Wise Men

The kids(with Joshua and Shawn).

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Lane 2009

Ahhh....Christmas! And all the family traditions that come along with the Holiday. The kiddies and I have been going to a place called Christmas Lane for several years now. For my non local readers....Christmas Lane is a personal home that someone has decorated with tens of thousands of lights. They bring in Santa every year. They sell hot cocoa and popcorn. They have a small train ride for the younger folks. Carollers can be heard belting out Holiday tunes. And best of is free!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Let's All Go To the Parade!!

Once again we attended the annual Lakeland Christmas parade. The only one not attending this year was Leslie. Darn that job of hers!!! She just was not able to figure out how to skip work. And that was a shame because the parade was excellent this year. Just the right mix of cold air and wind to make it nice but not freezing. Along with some eye catching and fun floats. Take a look below.

This is the start of the parade with the motorcycle cops going in circles with their light and sirens blaring. I like how I captured the moment.

Look!!!!! It's Mickey and Minnie!! Gotta love those mice.

The Golden Arches. I'm Lovin It!!

Let's Get Naughty!!! Who remembers those days???

I do not remember what this represents but I liked how the people were inside the snowglobe. Kinda unique ...huh??

Ohhhhh Look....Can it be???!! Plato the Publixsaurus!! This is the first time my family and I can rememebr Publix being in the parade. Now why you ask is this such a big deal. Ummmm hello....Lakeland is their hometown!!! This is a long time coming....should've been much sooner than later. I hope they keep up the tradition.

May the Force be with you

This got my kids going. It reminded them that it is almost Monster Truck time. Oh yea baby!

This one is for you Les! Missed you. (oh and by the way...another first timer in the parade).

And always last but never least.........."Who has reindeer pull his sleigh"??

Must be Santa......Must be Santa....Must be Santa.....Santa Claus!!! (it's a song people.....geesh!!)