Monday, September 29, 2008

Six Gap Century Ride

DH and I were in the mountains of north Georgia this past weekend for a bike ride. Not just any bike ride but the 20th anniversary of the SixGap/Three Gap ride in Dahlonega, Georgia.
If you are wondering about this ride let me tell you that the highest climb for DH was 3,500 feet in elevation. The toughest climb, Hogpen Gap, tested even the strongest riders, averaging a 7% grade for seven miles, with sections as steep as 15%. Just to give you guys an idea what an accomplishment DH achieved this past Sunday. The first riders of the century ride came in at a time of 5 hr 9min and 16 secs. DH finished his first mountain ride at a time of 7 hr and 35 min. I am very proud of John. When he finished the race he just collapsed and said it was the toughest thing he has done in his lifetime. .

While we were in the mountains we took some time to enjoy the Fall activities. DH and I went on a corn maze and went to the Apple House. John was unsure about the maze but he went along with my idea. In the end it was one tough maze but we made it through after 1.5 hours.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Visitor

Trey brought home a kindergarten friend on Friday that stayed for the entire weekend. I did my best to be a wonderful host. I kept him busy all weekend. He was a quiet visitor and did not demand much attention.


Check out the pictures depicting what he and Trey did all weekend.

You guessed it!!! He is the class mascot. His name is Teddy E. Bear. All the kiddies get to bring him home each weekend. The child must write a story telling the bears adventures. This is homework at its funnest.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Old Photo Blog/New Me

I am going to try to change up my blog a little bit. I realize I am a boring blogger. I am not creative in my ideas or writing prose....BUT.....I am going to try and change. At least every few blogs. You didn't expect all my blogs to be witty, funny and versatile. Come on......this is me still. I am a boring soul no matter how I try to change the wrapper. new me for the moment. I am reading this interesting book(borrowed from Amy) called Mary - Mrs. A. Lincoln by Janis Cooke Newman. It is a historical fiction novel. As I have been reading about Mary Todd Lincoln I realized I know nothing about her and therefore am unsure if the people, places and actions in the book are real to her life or something the author made up. So I was online a few nights ago researching this "First Lady" and came across a photo of her. The photo was part of a blog called As I perused this blog I decided it was way cool and I had to share with my fellow bloggers and readers. So please check it out and let me know or the old-photo blogger how you like the site.

Trey's 6th Bday

It is official........Trey is now 6 years old. He was so excited this morning. He has waited through both brothers birthdays to have his own day. He chose waffles for breakfast and corn dogs for dinner(with no spinach salad.....I agreed just for tonight).

He loved his Power Ranger jacket and stuffed toys.

He chose to go to Steak-N-Shake(he loved the french fries with cheese from his brothers birthday) for his special birthday lunch. The servers at Steak-N-Shake remembered us from last Sunday. So they gave Trey an extra special treat and sang him happy birthday.

What a beautiful smile those ladies put on his face during the singing.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy 8th Birthday Evan

Okay so the title is slightly off but only by two days. Evan's birthday was on Sunday. I am late posting. I have been busy and maybe just a wee bit lazy. Even so my baby is eight and I can celebrate, brag and blog about that anytime I there!

My baby boy.....he made me a mommy. He is the sweetest, kindest and most giving boy. He is in a silly stage now splashed with a bit of obnoxious behavior. But he thinks he is oh so funny. Kinda like his mom. I am a very funny person if you all did not know. Evan is the best big brother to Zane and Trey. I love my first baby boy.

For his birthday DH and I let him have the decision for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast was homemade french toast. Dinner was corn dogs. And for lunch he decided to eat at Steak N Shake. He had never been before but DH told him about it a few weeks ago and apparently he never forgot.

The morning of his birthday very anxious to open his presents from mommy and daddy.

A new bike shirt!!

Everybody is so anxious to see the gifts!

Friday, September 5, 2008

beautiful jewelry

Check out this website or her Etsy store. The woman makes really pretty pendants. The copper line is oh so wonderful! She is having a giveaway on her jewlery.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Animal Kingdom #2

The Hydock clan traveled to Animal Kingdom today since is was Labor Day and everyone had the day off from all their normal responsibilities. The park was not crowded at all. The boys and I have been to this park over summer but DH has not been since it first opened. He was pleasantly surprised. The kids and I got to experience more of the park that we missed the first time around. Everyone, including Zane, went on the Kali River Rapids . Daddy and Zane got the most wet. John and I got fast passes and took turns on the ride, Everest.

A pleasant surprise for the boys and I were the Silver Back Gorillas. First I did not know they were at the park. Second, one was lounging by the view window and another one was walking around his territory for the world to see him. It was really neat to see them so up close and almost personal. The boys were impressed.

The Lounger

The Roamer

We finally sat through the entire showing of "It's Tough To Be A Bug".
The boys and our friend Hannah freaked out the first time we went so we had to leave. This time around DH held Zane and I had a boy under each arm hiding at the scary parts. It was another memory maker day at Disney!

We make a beautiful family!