Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Now or Never

I don't have much to say. This post will be my most boring yet. I am going out to the Melting Pot later this evening with a few girls from my playgroup. I am very sure I will get home late and be way too tired to blog. So it is now or never. And if never then I am out of this crazy blog contest.
Nothing exciting is happening in the Hydock house right now. Zane appears to be sick It started this morning with sneezes. After a short nap he seems even worse. So glad I am going out tonight and leaving daddy to tend the sick baby. Oh joy...Oh wonderful night. But I should not be too surprised the baby is not well. Trey just got over a minor cold. DH has had a horrible cough for a week now. With luck, Evan and I can stay well. And Trey not get sick all over again.

A side message: Happy Birthday Papa Donker. We love you very much!! Have fun at Rendevous. See you soon.

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