Friday, January 25, 2008

Blah, Blah , Blah

I am getting really tired of blogging every night. It is getting old and quite cumbersome. I think a huge issue of mine is that I blog too late. I am way tired and my brain is shut off. I am not on the computer much during the day to blog. Also, I am waiting in the day for something to happen or spark me to blog about. As you can read from the last few posts.....nothing is happening. I am not going to give up blogging for the contest so hush Melodie. I just need inspiration. I don't want to copy another blog. I want my own ideas I just do not have any. For now I will just ramble about a few things.

First, I have a secret sis(at least until Valentines Day). She is beautiful, funny, smart, and I really like her. guessed is YOU!!!!! I hope you had a great day.

Second, tomorrow is saturday. Evan has baseball tryouts. The other two boys and I will be heading to Rendevous tomorrow morning. My mom and stepfather participate every year. I will post pics about it tomorrow.

Third, I can see the light with the children's bedroom project. Hopefully next week I can post before and after pics of the rooms. Wish me luck.

Fourth, I had a children clothing swap playdate at my house today. It was a success. I enjoyed being with all the moms. Thankmyou everyone for coming.

Fifth, I am having a Discovery Toy party on tuesday night. I am hoping it is a success. My girlfriend, Amy, just began this home based job. If you read this blog....please come to my party!!

Sixth, my blogging friends have been posting old photos and talking of childhood memories with TV shows, music and idols. I thought I would share my childhood favorite musician. Adam Ant!!!! Oh man did I like him!!!

Seventh, good night all!

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