Friday, September 18, 2009

Disney On Ice

About two weekends ago my Uncle and Grandmother took the boys(for their bdays) and myself to see Disney On Ice in Lakeland. It was a really fun evening. The boys had no idea where they were going. It was not my surprise so I did not tell. Once we arrived in Lakeland, Zane saw a billboard for Disney On Ice and kept pointing and saying he wanted to go. Evan and Trey ignored Zane and never saw the billboards. I kept telling Zane soon, soon. After many guesses my uncle finally told the boys once we arrived. Since they have never seen an ice show they had no idea what to expect. you guessed it...they loved the show. The theme was Celebrations. They had birthday, Valentines Days, Halloween(which was the best), Christmas, vacation, and a few others I now forget. As always Disney put on an awesome show. It makes me miss visiting Disney.

The Birthday Celebration

The Dancing Brooms. Loved it!

Halloween from Nightmare Before Christmas. My favorite!

Mickey and Minnie during the Valentines Day Celebration

Monday, September 14, 2009

7 Years Old Today!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY............HAPPY BIRTHDAY.................HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sweetest middle child has just turned seven today. Trey is an animal lover...except bugs. He loves having his backed rubbed by mommy. He loves giving and receiving hugs. Trey's smile is contagious. He brightens up a room with his smile. He has a great sense of humor and loves to laugh. My middle child is one special boy. He has my heart on a string.

Look at that smile and perfect red lips!( a favorite pic of mine)

So gorgeous!!! Melts my heart!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Rainbow Springs

After tubing.

Last weekend was Evan's 9Th birthday so the family(along with Aunt Leslie and Haley) headed to Rainbow Springs for some fun in the sun......and tubing. Yes...I said tubing. We don't get to do this activity much in Florida. The alligators tend to get in the way. But if you can find some nice springs well then go ahead and tube. Alligators do not like the cold spring waters. My friend Julie actually found the Springs and tubing. Evan and Trey were eager to try them out since they had gone tubing in Georgia with Haley. Rainbow Springs was a gorgeous place. The water was blue and cool. The spring river was clear and very calm. We will definitely return to this place.

the boys at one of the waterfalls

The Springs. The people jump into the water off a dock. the water is deep so the people are floating on noodles. The kids went into the water but could not enjoy it due to the deep water.

Haley in the springs. Look how clear the water can see her body underneath the water.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

9 Years Old!!!

Happy Birthday to my first born baby!! You are now 9 years old(as of yesterday). Time is flying by. You are so beautiful to me. Your smile and attitude is contagious. I love you so much!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Beginning and End....As I Know It!!!

Zane started preschool on Monday. I was and still am a bit sad about my last baby going to school. I am sad that my little companion, my last child attached to my hip has moved on in life to bigger and better opportunities. This is expected but makes me cry thinking about him growing up.

Since all my girlfriends have kiddies in either school or preschool now we all decided to get together and have a breakfast at Mimi's. Then we went thrift store shopping. It was nice to spend the morning hanging with my gal pals. They made me feel better with Zane leaving. I was very reluctant to go....i wanted to wallow in my sadness. But I went due to peer pressure(I was the ONLY one not going) and am so glad. Thanks ladies for helping me survive!!

Zane(at sneak peek) and his teacher Ms. Jan

Zane and one of his bestest friends, Noah. They are not in the same class due to mommy. I want Zane to have the teacher Noah has now next year when Zane attends Westminster again. Yes.....he will be two years in preschool.

First day photos!