Saturday, January 19, 2008

This is Haley

This is Haley, Aunt Jenny's neice. I am on the phone with her right now. She is coming home from the Monster Truck Jam and is afraid she will miss her post for the day. She is asking me to right this for her. Aunt Jennay said the boys had a great time but everybody is cold and wet. Aunt Jenny said she will write more tomorrow and post pictures about the Monster Jam!

Now this is Haley i babysat Zane tonight. We ate a bunch a pizza, and watched t.v. We then fell asleep on the chair. Then i woke up and put him in his crib. After he went to sleep i starting playing Guitar Hero. Gah! It's amazing. =) I have been playing for like 2 hours now. And then Aunt Jenny called abd told me to write this. So...yeah! well peace out <3


Melodie said...

I don't think it counts if the person in the contest isn't actually the one posting the blog. Having someone else do your work for you? Isn't that called cheating?

Karlise said...

LOL! That's what dh said when I told him. Uh oh Jen...consensus needed here girls!

jennifer said...

Thank You Haley for posting. Love ya!

Melodie said...

Actually, what I meant by Karlise having Robert post for her was that she could take her laptop to the birthing center and write her post, and then have Robert take the laptop home, or wherever the nearest place with WiFi was, to upload it to Blogger.
At least you made it home into to save yourself. Congratulations!