Sunday, February 17, 2008

Valentine's Dance

Evan had a Valentines Dance at his school this past friday night. It was really fun for him. I am glad he was able to go. His class has had quite a bit of stress with certain kids lately. I think he needed to be with the "good" friends at school and make happy memories. Or at least I needed to see him with the "good" kids making postive school memories. Either way.....he had fun. Trey started out having fun with his friend, Chloe, from preschool but girls are fickle. She left him for other fun. Trey then just hung out with kindergarteners(he did not know) and watched them play video games. Oh least he was not bored and whiney. Zane was just happy to run around and dance.

Trey and Chloe

Evan dancing

Erin(Holly's girl)joining in a conga line. You go girl!!!

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Andrea said...

oh my - next step the prom! what a cutie...could these kids be any more adorable????