Monday, February 18, 2008

Park Time

Today the boys and I had an impromtu park playdate. I was not planning to do anything today except put away ALL those kids clothes. The clean clothes seem to be taking over my bedroom. It's also called procrastination! Anyway, I said yes to the park since it was a day off from school for my kiddies. The clothes could wait. Tomorrow is another day(I'll think about it tomorrow).....or so Scarlett O'Hara said. The weather was muggy...just enough to give my hair the frizzies. We met a friend at the park for playtime. The boys had fun after a few wrinkle moods were ironed over. Boy those five year olds can be moody.

Evening Update: The clothes are still not done but I made yummy lasagne for dinner.


Andrea said...

looks like a nice day - those stinkin' clean clothes seem to be a problem at my house too!!! LOL

Melodie said...

It's funny that you quoted Scarlett O'Hara. I caught (most of) Gone with the Wind on TCM last night. Phil couldn't understand why I was watching a movie I've seen a gazillion times already, but I could watch it anytime & anywhere.