Monday, February 11, 2008

F.S.U. All The Way

Did I ever mention that my kids future is all mapped by none other than ME...the mother, the one who gave birth(naturally might I add). My kiddies will be going to college...F.S.U to be exact. There is no other choice other than a full scholarship to a top ten school. Then I might just allow them to attend. Florida State was the place where Dh and I met. My uncle was in a frat at F.S.U. My sister attend for a year(reminder to partying for my children). It is in the family genes that they be a seminole. Oh the fun we will have in college again. Here are a few pictures of the fun I had. I just can't wait!

This is my future hubby and his best friend. Best friend was visiting for a game.

Rivalry at it's best. Seminoles vs. Gators. The girl on the left as you look at the picture was up from UF. She later recruited my friend to jump ship to Gatorland. I forgave her and she is still my friend. Call, email or leave post girlfriend!!

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AmySue73 said...

Love John's moustache!