Thursday, February 7, 2008

Toddler Stroll

What should have been a 10 minute around the neighborhod walk turned into a 45 minute toddler stroll. Oh the joy of adventure and exploring!

HERE WE GO!!! Noah(the blond one) is one month older than Zane. Look at the size difference!

Up down...Up down.....Up down.

Run....March.....Swing those arms!

Holes to explore....Bugs and more bugs!

The green box looks oh so neat!

It's a jungle!

Too pooped to go any further!! But we are not home yet!

HOME...where is the juice!?


Dede Ariyanto said...

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Melodie said...

So cute! Don't you just love how looking at things through the eyes of a toddler makes things so much more interesting?

And I can't believe Zane is younger than Noah! Who would guess that?

Andrea said...

Oh Jen! He's a giant! That is TOO funny! Sounds like everyone got a nice cardio workout!!!

Scarlett said...

Looks like the boys had fun! That's what my walks with Isaac are like too - more exploring than walking.

Holly said...

Why didn't you stroll past my house?