Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Ten Million Dollars....what to do?

According to Julie I have been given ten million fake bucks. She is desparate and curious to know what I would do with it. Well let me think, think, think. It is not too hard ya know.

1) My children, niece and grandchildren would be financially set for life. They will not actually get all the money. Many stipulations would be, money with age, etc.

2) Of course money to my family. Enough for them all to retire and be fat and happy.

3)House in the mountains, condo at the beach(possibly a foreign beach), home in Africa, and a home Europe somewhere. And of course it would be all decorated by a professional. Oh...a guest house attached to each one for my lovely sister to travel with me. Or friends when she is mad at me and won't travel.

4) Housekeepers, cooks and such at each home with a go-to boy for me and hubby.

5) Vacation anyone?? Cruising would be my choice. And with all my friends. Alaska, Europe, Africa.

6) Glorious gardens at each estate. And I would be a profesiioanl gardener after I take my garden class.

7) All the photography equipment I would need plus photography classes.

8) Transportation to all my homes(planes) plus cars once we got to the homes.

9) Invest, invest, invest!!!

10) Personal trainer and chef to me and hubby. I guess getting thin would be easier if someone forces you to exercise and someone else feeds me all the right foods.

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