Thursday, February 14, 2008

Heart Day

Mommy and her Valentine Boys(self photo)!

Today is love day, heart day, lovers day, red day, chocolate and flower day or best known as Valentines Day. Before kids valentines day was a so so day. Nothing to get excited about. Certainly not one of my favorite holidays but not a hated one either. Now that the kiddies are in school and valentines can be exchanged with friends....well now that changes the picture. Also, my darlings understand about valentines day and anticipate its arrival. I guess that can be said for most holidays. Which is why they are all seeming fun these days. Kids are great to have around. Life seems so much more wonderful.
Flowers, candy, cards, chocolate and more candy are abundant in this household. My wonderful grandma sent me See's Toffee. They are so yummy!. My sister and niece sent the boys cards and ColdStone cards. Oh yea for us! And my secret sis sent me wonderful items as well. DH has to work on lovers day but we celebrated with dinner out last night. What is not to like about this day. Is is a win win day for everyone.

Trey and his Valentine loot!

Evan and his Valentines!

BLOGGING CONTEST!! I am out of the choice. I did not feel a few of my posts were up to my standards of what I envisioned this blog to be about. And that is beacuse I was forcing myself to blog everyday. So I took out the stress and I am liberated(thanks to Julie). AHHH.....It feels good!

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