Saturday, February 2, 2008

Altruistic Day

Amy, Alex, Evan and baby Noah on the cat prowl!

The boys and I were busy today. Well for a few hours at least. We helped a friend and her family look for their missing cat, Streaky. The cat belongs to Amy and her family. We went through their neighborhood with flyers inquiring if the cat was seen. He has been missing since January 19, 2008.
I thought this activity would be a good way for the boys to get out of their small box of thier own lives. I discussed with them helping frined when they ask. I also discussed with my boys how their friends(the kiddies) must feel not having their cat. Also, how the cat must feel being outside for so long and not having his family and warm home. I was trying to evoke empathy from my children concerning the animals and friends. Another idea of mine was trying to get my children's mind away from themselves and onto a bigger thing called .....LIFE....THE WORLD OUTSIDE THIS HOUSE!!! I think I achieved this the best I could with a seven and a five year old. It takes time but at least I am trying.

Here we go!!!

Chris, Ewan and Trey. It sure is tiring looking for Streaky!

Amy on a mission while Noah relaxes.

Ringing doorbells is sure hard work!


Karen said...

So, any luck???

jennifer said...

Not yet. Streaky is still MIA.

Scarlett said...

I'm sorry you all didn't find him... so sad when a pet goes missing. I hope he comes home soon.