Friday, February 1, 2008

Still Going Strong

Well it is February first and the blogging contest continues. It seems no one wants to just give up and enough is enough. NOOO.....we have to anty up another $5 for the month of February....that is if we want to be in the contest. Heather(My Blog, My Life) has decided she has had enough and will not continue this insanity. Maybe she had the right idea. I mean the thought of blogging everyday kills my brain. I am just not creative enough. I have decided to take it one day at a time. No pressure for me. So we are down to six(me, Julie, Karlise, Holly, Scarlett and Melodie).


Heather said...

Well thank you for putting a nice spin on it instead of making me feel like a complete poopy-head. In fact I'm still blogging, but I can't afford to put money in indefinitely.

I like your new layout/backdrop/whatever you call these things!

Alison said...

Love all the new pink!!!