Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Shana Banana Bust

Today was a very anticipated day in my house. I cancelled all my usual wednesday obligations(bible study and volunteering)to head to Hyde Park for Shana Banana. But alas...she was a no-show. When Amy(you all know her by now)called the phone number on her website Shana actually answered the phone. Then I thought...okay she really is not going to show up late. Shana said her website had not been updated in a while. DUH!! I was sad for Zane. We have been listening to her music for a week straight. Even though Shana was a bust the day was not. It is Amy's 29th(forever) birthday. So the few friends that showed up(Karen and Scarlett) for the Banana show headed to a local park and another park playdate was had by all. After the park...Scarlett(and Isaac), Amy(and Noah) along with her hubby, Chris and my baby Zane ventured to lunch. Oh boy.....eating with three two year olds....if it wasn't for Amy and her bday! All in all a relaxing day. But darn that Banana lady. I missed bible study for her! Hey wait.....I just had a realization. This is my punishment from God for missing......God you are too much for me.

Zane is looking at Isaac in the tube

Noah and Isaac



Scarlett said...

that's what I was thinking... God was teaching me a lesson. Oh well... I have done better this week. I am all caught up for this weeks bible study and almost caught up with last weeks! ;)

Shana Banana said...

Hope you all will accept free new "Banana Bedtime" CD's for Zane and your 2 friends who showed up. The CD's should be out in the Fall. Big Banana Bummer we couldn't get together that day. I just got a new webmaster and you guys got caught in the transition. Look forward to next time!

At least we're all going bananas.

Shana Banana :-)