Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tall Zane

There is a wall in my closet that has the boys heights. Well my version of heights. I just have them stand against the wall while I place a line above their heads and put the exact ages. I have been doing this with all the boys since Evan was a toddler.

Anyway.......I measured Zane today. He is the same height(or pretty darn close) at age three to what Evan was when he was three and a half. I knew Zane was a tall kid but not that tall. Evan was always in the 90-95% for his age/height. I can't wait to see his percentiles when he goes to the doctor on Monday for his three year check-up.

Do not ask about Trey. Poor baby. He is so much smaller than his brothers at age three. Child takes after his father and his family....short people. My family are all giants.

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Holly said...

Wow Zane! I don't think Trey is short at all. Just not a giant like his bros! ;)