Wednesday, August 6, 2008


What is that I hear in my house? Nothing...nada...silence. Evan and Trey went to a baseball game with Uncle Carl and daddy. Zane is sleeping. I have two hours to myself. My house is clean, laundry done....what is a mother to do. Just revel in the peace and quiet. Think clear thoughts. Lazy around, read a book. Did I say revel in the silence.

Since having children quietness in not part of my household. I miss that so much. And it is moments like today that I remember I truly miss the quietness and calm. I like being by myself. I like being alone. Many people(my father) need to be around people all day every day but not me. I like staying cooped up in my house for days on end, seeing no one.

For those that know me I sound contradictory since I am usually the talkative person in a group BUT I like the silence, no talking, no noise. If I need to talk I will seek you out but that is not a natural state for me. I would prefer to spend my time being alone and quiet. Maybe that is why I talk so much around friends. I am filling up my share of talk. Corny huh?

But alas my quiet will end with a two year old needing me very soon. So off I go to bask in silence.

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Melodie said...

I love quiet time. Phil and I argue over it. On the weekends, he likes to get up and put music on, and I prefer to have it quiet for as long as possible.