Friday, August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Zaney/ Happy Birthday Grandma Barnett

I can't believe my baby is three years old. I remember it was yesterday I was overdue with him and waddling around the house. And now he is three years old. Boy how time flies.
What special day did he make his appearance? His Great Grandma Barnett's birthday!!!! If he had to be late then I am thrilled he chose a special person to share his birthday. My grandmother will be forever remembered through Zane and his birthday.

You all may be asking what did Zane do for his special day. It was a rainly day here in Florida so we played indoors and ate homemade strawberry cupckes...with sprinkles. When his brother returned from school we headed to Chuck E. Cheese to play and celebrate. Grammy, Colin and Grandma Cardo helped us enjoy Zane's birth day.

Zane opening his presents

Zane, Daddy and mommy with Chuck E. behind us

Zane enjoying his day


Holly said...

Happy Birthday Zaney!!!

Andrea said...

Happy Birthday Zane! Sounds like a nice day.

Karlise said...

Happy Birthday again Zane!! I hope you had a fun day!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Zane! Wow, I can't believe he's three already either. It just seems like a year ago that Shawn turned 3, lol. Time sure does fly.

Kandee said...

Happy Birthday Zane...time really does fly.