Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer Nights at the Zoo #7

The boys and I went to the zoo this past friday night for their summer evening event which included all rides free. The zoo was not crowded at all so we got to ride all the rides except for the SkyRide which scares my kiddies. The boys got to try out the newest zoo ride which is GatorFalls. They got soaking wet but they went on the ride about six times. We got to see the cheetah on his night roam during the Safari ride. And we saw the newest member of the Orangutan family, RanDee.
The momma was nursing her for the whole world to see. It was beautiful. All in all a wonderful night at the zoo.

(Click on photo for a larger view)


Melodie said...

Zane got his hair cut! He looks so cute, but I thought he looked cute with it long, too. He looked like a beach bum/surfer dude.

jennifer said...

Yea....they all got their hair cuts for school. Don't worry Zane's hair will grow quick enough.

Monkeys Mommy said...

Love your collages and your zoo looks like so much fun - lots of rides.