Sunday, August 24, 2008

More Birthday Celebrations

The special birthday couple

We went to Grandma Barnett's and Uncle Carl's house to celebrate both birthdays. I remember as a child loving the moments when Uncle Carl arrived. He was the funnest Uncle. He gave the best presents. He was always lively and very fun. I am glad to report things have not changed. My kids adore their Uncle. They get so excited knowing they will visit him. In their words he has the best house. It has great video games, toys and food. All a kid could want.
I must say.....going to visit Carl and Grandma is always a treat for me as well. They both lavish attention and love to my children as well as me. I feel very loved with them around.
Anyway....Uncle Carl put on a great birthday show for everyone today. He gets everything in order and pre-prepared so my grandmother has to do very little. He goes overboard with the preparations and we love it.

Here is an example of what we ate today,. This is Grandma Barnett's birthday cake. It is her favorite from Deli Delicacies. Can we all say Yum Yum!

Grandma and her cake

Zane and his ice cream cake.

Zaney got books from Aunt Leslie and Haley. Trey is excited some of the books are Max and Ruby.

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Zane and Grandma! Can we be adopted into your family?