Thursday, October 30, 2008


The Rays are awesome and I am proud we have a great baseball league in the area. Evan has been playing Little League baseball for a few years now but this year he has taken a great interest in the sport. We have been able to go to a few Rays games this past season. The finer points of baseball seem to be clicking with Evan. I think a love of the sport has definitely emerged for him.

Evan is playing Little League Winter Ball. This is where he gets to improve on skills necessary for the spring season. This season he moved up to a kid pitch game. No more machine pitch for him. I am seeing a lot more kids get hit by balls. The kids are just learning how to pitch and boy do those balls fly around like crazy wild things.

Trey is not crazy about going to all those practices and BB games. Sports are not his thing. Zane seems to have taken a liking to the sport. He will dress up like a baseball player for Halloween.

Evan moving away from a crazy pitch ball.

Evan trying his hand at pitching.

Evan and his daddy having a mid-game conference.

Evan playing catcher position for an inning.