Saturday, November 1, 2008


Halloween was a long long day for the Hydock boys(and mommy). Trey had his kindergarten Hoe Down at school. All the kindergartners got to go from station to station and experience life at a farm. Some of the stations included planting pumpkin seeds, milking a cow(not real of course), needles in haystacks, square dancing, wagon rides and so much more. Between set up, take down, goody bags for Evan and Trey's classes and class stuff I was at school from start to finish. This made for one very tired mommy but our day was not over yet.

For trick or treating we went to a friends house. Some of the dads took over the trick or treating part of the evening so I just followed the kiddies and took pictures. It was nice not to be in charge and just enjoy the moment. Yes you all heard me.....I liked not being the controlling one at an event. Shocker!! My boys got so much candy from school and trick or treating. The chocolate is stashed away in the fridge. A perfect place for mommy and daddy to eat it all.

The gang!

Evan holding a squishy fake eyeball. Rays Rule!

Looking for the perfect piece of candy.

HMMM.....Indiana Jones says......which house has the best candy?


Holly said...

LOL, poor Olivia! She looks like "what the heck am I doing here with all these boys!"

Everyone looked adorable!

Holly said...

Who was Spiderman?