Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cracker Country

Making Rope

Evan grinding the corn.

The whole second grade at Evan's school went on a field trip this past week to Cracker Country at the Florida Fairgrounds. This is nothing like visiting when the State Fair is in progress. During the off fair times there are docents at every station giving a tour and allowing the kids a hands-on experience. Second graders are much more independent and reliable for their behavior than a preschooler and kindergartner. I really enjoyed the day with Evan and his friends. It was relaxing and fun with no fuss from the kids. I feel blessed to be able to have these experiences with my child. I know that one day he will not ask me to go on field trips with him.

The clothes must be washed!

Candle making

The finished product

Playing Games

If you are wondering about the purple shirts. That is his teachers favorite color. The kids will wear these shirts for all special class events. Evan was not thrilled with the color. Oh well!

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Melodie said...

I can see why Evan wasn't thrilled with the shirt color. It's practically lavender. I think a darker shade my have been more gender-neutral.