Friday, October 10, 2008

Sweet Sixteen Haley

Today is my baby girl's sixteenth birthday. My sweet baby niece is sixteen. I call her my baby girl because she is the only girl in the family. She feels like my own child....minus the giving birth part. But I was front and center for her birth. And I was the first person to physically touch her when she emerged from the womb. My sister gave birth at Labor of Love in Lakeland. The midwives invited me to touch her head when she was coming out of the birth canal. From that moment on Haley has been a force in my life. I love her like my own child. I would do anything for her. I want the world for her. She is an awesome young lady. For the next couple of days I am going to run through a photo history of her. I want you all to see the baby girl that turned into a beautiful child that turned into my sweet sixteen Haley!


Holly said...

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Haley!

Love the "making faces" picture!

Andrea said...

What precious pictures & memories!

Karlise said...

Happy Birthday Haley!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Haley!! I totally understand Aunt Jenny's love for you! You are an amazing young woman and so lucky to have such strong women in your life as roll models!!

BTW, WOW! I thought Olivia and I looked a lot alike, but I think Leslie and Haley have us beat!