Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Finished Pumpkins

The boys decided to paint their pumpkins instead of carve them. They want to preserve the pumpkin as long as possible. Evan and Trey were upset when they found out a carved pumpkin rots much quicker than a whole pumpkin. I told them they can carve my pumpkin closer to Halloween. I will sacrifice mine. This made them happy.

Trey's painted his with a bat, haunted mansion, Dracula and a ghost. You can see the blue ghost and Dracula in the picture.

Zane loved painting his pumpkin with all sorts of colors. I spray painted his red after he saw his brothers had theirs spray painted.

Evan painted a happy and mean face on each side. On the other sides he put the word 'BOO' and a mean looking creature. You can see the mean face in the picture.


Melodie said...

We don't carve pumpkins anymore because of the rot-rate. The boys pumpkins look very cute.

Andrea said...

They came out soooo cute!