Monday, September 1, 2008

Animal Kingdom #2

The Hydock clan traveled to Animal Kingdom today since is was Labor Day and everyone had the day off from all their normal responsibilities. The park was not crowded at all. The boys and I have been to this park over summer but DH has not been since it first opened. He was pleasantly surprised. The kids and I got to experience more of the park that we missed the first time around. Everyone, including Zane, went on the Kali River Rapids . Daddy and Zane got the most wet. John and I got fast passes and took turns on the ride, Everest.

A pleasant surprise for the boys and I were the Silver Back Gorillas. First I did not know they were at the park. Second, one was lounging by the view window and another one was walking around his territory for the world to see him. It was really neat to see them so up close and almost personal. The boys were impressed.

The Lounger

The Roamer

We finally sat through the entire showing of "It's Tough To Be A Bug".
The boys and our friend Hannah freaked out the first time we went so we had to leave. This time around DH held Zane and I had a boy under each arm hiding at the scary parts. It was another memory maker day at Disney!

We make a beautiful family!

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Scarlett said...

Hayden refuses to go back to "It's Tough to be a Bug" He was so freaked by that big spray can! Glad you all had a good time. I didn't know the little guys could go on the river rapids ride. We'll have to take the boys on next time (whenever that may be!)