Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy 8th Birthday Evan

Okay so the title is slightly off but only by two days. Evan's birthday was on Sunday. I am late posting. I have been busy and maybe just a wee bit lazy. Even so my baby is eight and I can celebrate, brag and blog about that anytime I want......so there!

My baby boy.....he made me a mommy. He is the sweetest, kindest and most giving boy. He is in a silly stage now splashed with a bit of obnoxious behavior. But he thinks he is oh so funny. Kinda like his mom. I am a very funny person if you all did not know. Evan is the best big brother to Zane and Trey. I love my first baby boy.

For his birthday DH and I let him have the decision for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast was homemade french toast. Dinner was corn dogs. And for lunch he decided to eat at Steak N Shake. He had never been before but DH told him about it a few weeks ago and apparently he never forgot.

The morning of his birthday very anxious to open his presents from mommy and daddy.

A new bike shirt!!

Everybody is so anxious to see the gifts!


Karen said...

Cool shirt! I love it. Happy birthday Evan!!!

Holly said...

Glad Evan had a nice birthday!

Monkeys Mommy said...

Happy Birthday to Evan!! Love his freckles in the first picture.