Monday, September 29, 2008

Six Gap Century Ride

DH and I were in the mountains of north Georgia this past weekend for a bike ride. Not just any bike ride but the 20th anniversary of the SixGap/Three Gap ride in Dahlonega, Georgia.
If you are wondering about this ride let me tell you that the highest climb for DH was 3,500 feet in elevation. The toughest climb, Hogpen Gap, tested even the strongest riders, averaging a 7% grade for seven miles, with sections as steep as 15%. Just to give you guys an idea what an accomplishment DH achieved this past Sunday. The first riders of the century ride came in at a time of 5 hr 9min and 16 secs. DH finished his first mountain ride at a time of 7 hr and 35 min. I am very proud of John. When he finished the race he just collapsed and said it was the toughest thing he has done in his lifetime. .

While we were in the mountains we took some time to enjoy the Fall activities. DH and I went on a corn maze and went to the Apple House. John was unsure about the maze but he went along with my idea. In the end it was one tough maze but we made it through after 1.5 hours.


Karen said...

Congratulations John!!!

Andrea said...

I love Dollonega - that is such a cute town! That's great about the ride...the hills are something you just can't really train just have to work hard & take them. My sister-in-law & my father-in-law are avid, long time cyclers and my 16 y/o nephew just placed first in the state of Iowa for cycling speed trails! When my sister-in-law biked from San Francisco to New Hampshire a few years ago she said that about the Rocky Mountains - you can't train for them, you just have to train period. I think it's a great sport & how great John is doing it! Keep up the good work, John!

Heather said...

Congrats John. Looks like GA was fun!

Karlise said...

Congrats John!! That's awesome.

The corn maze sounds like fun! And apple picking too. Did you bring me some? LOL

Holly said...

Congrats to John! I'm so happy he didn't fall off the side of a mountain! You had me worried!

Glad you two had a fun "kidless" weekend!

Melodie said...

Congrats, John. Glad you survived. I certainly couldn't do it.