Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Visitor

Trey brought home a kindergarten friend on Friday that stayed for the entire weekend. I did my best to be a wonderful host. I kept him busy all weekend. He was a quiet visitor and did not demand much attention.


Check out the pictures depicting what he and Trey did all weekend.

You guessed it!!! He is the class mascot. His name is Teddy E. Bear. All the kiddies get to bring him home each weekend. The child must write a story telling the bears adventures. This is homework at its funnest.


Karlise said...

Not a school project but we did that with Curious George thru our Sept 2002 mom's group. Logan took CG to Epcot so CG could visit all the countries. Fun homework!!

Shouldn't it be Ted E. Bear?

Melodie said...

One of my Girl Scouts did that a couple of times with some different fall fundraiser mascots. Each mascot had a little book for each troop she visited to put photos in and write in about her adventures with the troop.

jennifer said...

That is what I said about the name as well karlise. But the kids told me NO!

Holly said...

This is weird! I was looking through pictures yesterday, and came across the pictures of Erin with Teddy E. Bear. I wondered to myself if Trey had had him yet. lol Guess I got my answer!

Erin was the last one to bring him home for the year. We got to read about all his adventures, and see all the pictures from the whole year!