Wednesday, November 21, 2007

First Timer

I have a "first" experience. It's a shocker but I am willing to expose myself for all the world( world) to see. I cooked my first turkey the other day. It was for Evan's first grade Indian/Pilgrim feast.. The Butterball turkey was about fifteen pounds. I did not stuff it per the teachers request. I did not ask why as I was just really happy to oblige the teacher. I told her I have never cooked a turkey before and she did not care. I am a good actress and reassured her I was a good cook in other areas and could handle a turkey. I mean come on I told her...look at my kids...they are not starving by any means. I asked my mother for advice on how to cook it. I read the direction that came with the Butterball Tom. I borrowed a meat thermometer and roasting pan and off to the stove I went. Following my moms advice about how to get the skin golden brown and the advice of the Butterball company about turkey turkey came out BEAUTIFUL!!! I impressed my husband which is very hard to do with cooking. The teacher and other parents at the mini feast were very impressed with the juiciness of the Tom. The carver(the teacher's hubby) kept commenting about how the meat was tender and fell off the bone. A Julia Childs I am not but my cooking skills are getting better with age. Next year maybe I can try to cook a turkey with stuffing. Anybody want to have Thanksgiving at my house next November?


Kandee said...

Way to go Jen! I still haven't attempted a turkey...maybe next year.

Jenny Mannion said...

Smells good! Great job, Jen!
Thanks for keeping me posted on all of your boys! I thought 2 boys were a lot of work...! God bless!