Sunday, November 18, 2007

New Pets

We have some new pet additions to the family. As if three dogs and two turtles are not enough for mommy(me) to take care of. These pets are very low maintenance. They require food and water about once a week....and a plus for poop or pee to clean up. They take care of themselves. They are a very contained sort of pet.
They are ants!!! Trey has an ant farm. He got the present for his birthday from his favorite cousin, Haley(I love you baby girl). How did she know this is just what Trey wanted. A bonus is that the other two boys get to enjoy the pets. Fun for the entire sit around and watch ants make tunnels in the white sand. So if you ever need something to do on a friday or saturday night please stop by my house and watch the ants with us. We do party it up at the Hydock house!


Karlise said...

Logan wanted one. I said no way! I can just see Ian dumping them out everywhere! You are braver than me.

Holly said...

Awww, did you name them?