Wednesday, November 7, 2007


My playgroup went to Granma's Hug-N-Farm on tuesday. Mainly the only kids not in school these days are the toddlers(newborns to age 3) so Zane fits right in and has many friends. The group has been several times over the years to this particular farm. The experience has always been enjoyable. A few things Zane enjoyed were the hayride, donkeys, ducks, baby chicks, bunnies, playhouse and pony swing. And of course having his buddies with him. I am glad Zane and mommy were able to have a morning to themselves. Alone time with each child is quite difficult these days.
Did I ever mention I love my playgroup. I have been part of them since Trey was about 9 months old and Evan was 2 and a half years old. There have been name changes of the group. Moms have come and gone for a variety of reason....matriculation, moves, lack of interest, not right fit of group. But the core moms of this group are my support system. I can not live without them. They are my family(my sister included) and I truely need them all. You all know who you are so no names are needed. Some of my mom family have blogs of their own. You can check them out to the right of this post. Get to know them. The blogs are awesome, witty and quite funny at times.

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Anonymous said...

Aww...a warm fuzzy just floated through the computer screen. And I was just thinking today that I don't see enough of you!