Saturday, November 3, 2007

Swing Batter Batter

Evan is in Little League "winter baseball". This means the season is practice for the "real" season to start in spring. Evan needed the practice since this is his first time at machine pitch. I think he is doing awesome. He seems to really like playing the sport. DH was a Little League kid so Evan comes by it naturally I suppose. As a whole I like the Little League program. They require parents to volunteer four hours in the concession stand or pay an extra fee. Well most of you know me......I will volunteer in order to avoid the extra fee. I volunteered in the beginning of October for the morning shift. It was fun...I worked the grill the whole four hours. No one else wanted this spot. Uh hello....I am a mom....I cook everyday. What is the big deal?! Working in the concession stand reminded me of my teenage work days at Wendy's. That is where I began my love affair with dipping french fries in ketchup and mayonaise. Yum Yum!! I also learned to count back change
to people at Wendy's. The cash registers were not computerized back then in the "olden days". Employees actually had to use their brains and use the math they learned in school. Nowadays employees appear to only know how to count change back forward. If a mistake occurs the employee is dumbfounded how to correct the error. I am amazed at the stupidity. But I have digressed from the topic. This is typical of
me brain is ADHD sometimes. Get used to my blogs...I am who I am.

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