Friday, December 19, 2008

Lost Tooth and Other Things

Whew!! It is Friday. It is the last day of school for the kiddies until January 6. I am one happy mommy right now. Why? because all the school celebrations, gift giving and receiving, thank you notes and all the other Holiday stuff is over. This has been a whirlwind of a week for me. I am happy to be part of my kids school and activities but these holiday things wear me down. So now I can just concentrate on my household and what needs to be done to complete Christmas at home. But before I begin that daunting task the kids and I are going to take a little break and head over to Disney tomorrow. We are going to park hop. We will see the Magic Kingdom in the morning, then Epcot in the afternoon so we can visit some Santa's around the world and at night head over to Hollywood Studios for the Osborne Lights. My friend Amy(from school) will be at Disney this weekend with her family so we will connect with them sometime tomorrow.

Now on to the lost tooth. Trey lost his first tooth this week. It has been loose for a while. It fell out while he was sleeping. He woke up with a tooth in his mouth during the middle of the night. I sleepily had to inform him that the Tooth Fairy will not come that night. She has not put him on her list but that she will do that first thing in the morning for the next night. Evan informed Trey that the Tooth Fairy brings a special toy for your first lost tooth. I told Evan I did not remember this but Evan was adamant he got a neat remote control car. Okay then! Off to the store I went the next day. My sister reminded me that Trey wanted a Shamu webkinz(which he was NOT getting for Christmas because I said no more webkinz!!!). So that is what he got. Thanks Les! Oh only lose your first tooth once. Trey was thrilled and that is what counts. I tried taking a picture of Trey and his tooth gap but there is none. The tooth was so loose and very late falling out that the other tooth is half way grown in already.

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Karlise said...

Yea Trey!!! I know he'll be thrilled with his tooth fairy gift.

Have fun at Disney. We were talking about going but I have so much to do I doubt it will happen. Tomorrow the MK will have their Christmas parade at 3pm. It's the parade usually reserved for the Xmas party but close to the holidays they open it to everyone. The Holiday Wishes fireworks start that night too!